Aoun Receives Qatari Invitation, Promises Defense Strategy Talks after Polls


President Michel Aoun on Monday received an invitation to visit Qatar from the Gulf emirate's ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

Lebanon's National News Agency said the invitation letter was delivered by Qatari Ambassador to Lebanon Ali bin Hamad al-Meri.

The ambassador said the invitation is for the opening ceremony of Qatar's national library that will be held on April 16.

Separately, Aoun hoped the Rome II conference will “achieve the sought results in terms of offering support to the Lebanese army and security forces to enable them to continue to perform their duties in preserving security and stability and extending state authority across Lebanon.”

The conference will be held Wednesday in the Italian capital.

“The participation of brotherly and friendly countries and international bodies in this conference highlights anew confidence in Lebanon and the desire to help it confront the expected challenges,” the president added.

“The resolutions and recommendations that will be issued by the Rome conference will boost the capabilities of all security institutions, especially the army,” Aoun went on to say, noting that Lebanon is seeking effective weapons for the military institution to “enable it to perform its role as part of a national defense strategy.”

The president also revealed that “Lebanese leaders will discuss the national defense strategy after the parliamentary elections that will be held in May.”

The defense strategy has long been a thorny issue in Lebanon.

Aoun voiced his remarks during separate talks with Acting U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Pernille Dahler Kardel and Italian Ambassador to Lebanon Massimo Marotti.

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Thumb justice 12 March 2018, 17:30

"the invitation is for the opening ceremony of Qatar's national library that will be held on April 16."

and the Library contains documents of Qatar's longstanding support and financing of terrorism.

Missing un520 12 March 2018, 18:10

People have no expectations from "defence strategy talks". It will be just that...."talks"....Lebanon had its prime economically, culturally and socially before the armies of PLO and later on Hezbollah entered the stage. We needed help from Israel to get rid of PLO. Hezbollah will be a bit tougher to crush, and it will be more painful for all lebanese. When there is a will there is a way, people say. All lebanese saw in the end what a calamaty PLO brought upon this country, and no people in their right frame of mind would want them back. The question is, will our dear shiah brothers and sisters ever realize that life without Hezbollah would be better for all?

Thumb whyaskwhy 12 March 2018, 19:03

UN250 Sadly the Shi3a of Lebanon have no choice in the matter they will abide by the sword or die by it. What Qatar is obviously doing is charter support in the region since it has been outcast by the GCC for support of terrorism. Also it is a clear divisive move to show KSA that Qatar will continue to play on both fields and this will include working openly with Iran on the move. This will not sit well with KSA....