Jumblat Criticizes 'Privatization' Bids of Electricity Sector

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Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat urged the energy ministry on Monday to implement “confinement” against Debbas Group, an Electricite Du Liban contractor, after failing to pay the salaries of its employees for over three months.

“Amidst the indifference of EDL officials and of Debbas Group, the staff have arrived at a state of hunger due to unpaid salaries for three months. I call on the Ministry of Energy to put the company in confinement,” said Jumblat in a tweet.

Jumblat, head of the Democratic Gathering bloc, added: “This is the policy of privatization they preached about.”

Contract workers have repeatedly protested against lack of long-term contracts, working conditions and late salary payments.

Calls for the privatization of electricity production in Lebanon in a bid to increase energy generation have all went in vain.

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Thumb justin 19 March 2018, 09:23

A corrupt warlord who among others are the biggest impediment to Lebanon's progress. Privatization is the only way forward to eliminate waste and overstaffing in this ineffective government owned agency.

Thumb s.o.s 19 March 2018, 15:00


Privatize EDL now. Give them a 5 to 10year head start then open the market to competition.

Thumb whyaskwhy 19 March 2018, 16:48

Why don't they pay their employees? simply because they can. Welcome to Lebanon where the law applies to the few especially not to government entities.