Hamadeh: Parliamentary Elections Remain at Risk from Regional Developments

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Education Minister Marwan Hamadeh on Monday said the parliamentary elections in Lebanon remain at risk shall major developments in the region take place, noting that political dispute over the electricity file could bring everything to a halt including the upcoming polls.

“The parliamentary elections remain threatened by any major development in the region, but the scenario of a “great war” is ruled out. What is happening in Syria in Afrin and in al-Ghouta is more indicative of deals than wars,” Hamadeh told VDL (93.3) in an interview.

On the controversial electricity file, Hamadeh said: “It is better to decide on the electricity file under a new government and after the elections are staged. Disagreements over it could bring everything in the country to, even the elections.”

Lebanon will stage its first national referendum in nine years on May 6.

For the first time, Lebanese nationals living overseas will be able to cast ballots in early voting.

The parliament has postponed elections several times over security reasons. Its term was supposed to expire in 2013 but lawmakers approved several extensions since then.

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