U.S. to Sell $1 Billion in Arms to Saudi Arabia

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Trump administration is signing off on selling more than $1 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visits the United States.

The State Department says the administration told Congress on Thursday that it plans to approve the sale. Lawmakers will have 30 days to act if they want to try to stop it.

The package includes up to about 6,700 U.S.-built anti-tank missiles. Raytheon Co. makes the missiles.

Other items include support, maintenance and spare parts for American tanks, helicopters and other equipment already in Saudi Arabia's arsenal.

Prince Mohammed met Tuesday with President Donald Trump as he started his three-week U.S. tour.

The U.S. has raised concerns previously about heavy civilian casualties and indiscriminate bombing by the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen.

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Thumb s.o.s 23 March 2018, 00:28

MBS should team up with Israel and develop jointly the next iteration of the Merkaba. It's so much better than any American or Russian tanks.

Thumb Maxx 23 March 2018, 03:51

Great. Because American lawmakers look at all the wars being fought in the Middle East and they say, "You know what will help matters? More guns in the Middle East!"

Thumb eagledawn 23 March 2018, 08:18

God Bless America!