Mother Kills Daughter in Khalde over 'Family Honor'


A young Syrian woman has been murdered by her mother in Khalde in an “honor killing” incident, the Internal Security Forces said on Wednesday.

“At 10:00 pm Tuesday, the Aramoun police station received a phone call about a homicide inside a house in the Talaat Abu Dib street in Khalde,” the ISF said in a statement.

“A patrol from the station immediately headed to the location and found the body of 19-year-old Syrian woman Th.H. Her mother H.H., a 38-year-old Syrian, was sitting near the bed in a state of confusion,” the statement added.

During interrogation, the mother confessed to killing her daughter over “family reasons related to honor,” the ISF said.

“She strangled her with her hands, electrocuted her and placed a pillow on her face,” the ISF explained.

An investigation has since been launched under the supervision of the relevant judicial authorities.

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Thumb s.o.s 18 April 2018, 20:52

Honor restored, Mission accomplished, now the family is known for murdering people which is perceived positively in contrast with the poor girl sleeping with a man .

This mentality is also Lebanese , retards are everywhere.

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 April 2018, 21:56

How sad.... but as you said our society still lives in the middle ages...

Thumb gigahabib 19 April 2018, 14:31

Imagine to be told you're fleeing from "evil Assad", just so your own mother can kill you once you reach "safety".

Missing 19 April 2018, 16:20

Mini Habib ... They fled your mass murderer. And yes, two wrongs do not make a right. The Assad family ruled Syria for 50 years and there is still honor killings in the country.

Thumb Puppet 19 April 2018, 15:18

Mr. Mega Halib is something I respect.