Hariri Tours Bekaa Region as Elections Loom


Prime Minister Saad Hariri started his electoral Bekaa tour by visiting al-Azhar of Bekaa in Majdel Anjar, where he was received by Mufti of Zahle and Bekaa Sheikh Khalil al-Mais, Mufti of Baalbek Sheikh Khaled Solh, dignitaries and students from Azhar, Hariri’s media office said Saturday.

Hariri held a meeting with Muftis Mais and Solh during which they discussed the situation particularly in Bekaa.

Later, Hariri held a one-to one meeting with Rachaya al-Wadi Greek Orthodox Monsignor Edouard Shehade at the headquarters of al-Azhar.

He also held an expanded meeting with the Sheikhs of Bekaa and the Azhar consultative council in the presence of Minister Jamal Jarrah, MPs Assem Araji, Amin Wehbe and Ziad Kadrii, candidates Ghassan Skaff, Mohammed Karawi, Nizar Dalloul, Hassan Solh and Hariri’s Chief of Staff Nader Hariri.

At the onset of the meeting, Sheikh al-Mais welcomed Premier Hariri among his people and beloved ones “who are happy to see you here,” adding that the history of Martyr Rafik Hariri is honorable and continue with Premier Saad Hariri.

For his part, the Premier thanked mufti Mais for this meeting at al-Azhar.

“We experienced a very difficult period in this region but the people weren’t afraid because God is with them. Your Eminence always says the words of truth and moderation. This is our path at a time when some try to take us towards fanaticism, extremism and the rhetoric that we don’t accept.” Hariri said.

“We will continue this path; the path of goodness, the path of Rafik Hariri who martyred for this country. We will continue with you and with Mufti Salim Sousan.”

On his second stop, Hariri visited the town of Sweiri where he was received by a large number of citizens carrying the flags of al-Mustaqbal Movement, chanting slogans of support.

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Thumb Knight 21 April 2018, 16:04

Will he mention his late father? Will he have his ready on demand tears?

Thumb s.o.s 21 April 2018, 16:51

He should be touring Deraa, that’s where all the Hariris came from.

Thumb galaxy 21 April 2018, 18:28

“We will continue this path; the path of goodness, the path of Rafik Hariri who martyred for this country. "

sure the path of Rafik Hariri is to ally yourself with those who killed your father, with those that sold the country to Iran, with those that put you under house arrest on May7th.

You fool nobody, loser.

Thumb s.o.s 21 April 2018, 21:20

Loser, sellout, traitor, coward, you name it. He’s all these things. Above all, he’s a puppet, I know we always mock Michel Aoun for being one, but this one is no better!