Hizbullah Member Killed in Blast inside His Home

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Hizbullah member was killed on Tuesday in a blast inside his home in the Sidon neighborhood of Haret Saida.

A terse Hizbullah statement only said that the militant, Bilal Ahmed Hassan, was killed in "an explosion inside his house."

A Lebanese Army expert said the blast was caused by a rocket-propelled grenade, according to the National News Agency.

Hassan was taken to the Labib Medical Center in Sidon for treatment but shortly died after.

Quoting Hizbullah sources, LBCI TV said the man was killed in "a house accident."

On the other hand, security sources described the incident as “mysterious,” saying: “Bilal Hassan has died as a result of a mysterious explosion in Haret Sidon. He is a member of Hizbullah.”

Officials from the Internal Security Forces told The Associated Press that Hizbullah members inspected Hassan's house after the blast and were later followed by policemen who opened an investigation in the case.

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Missing un520 24 April 2018, 13:04

Anyway, lets wish him a rest in the same peace as he and his co-members of Hezbollah gave the people of Daraa, Ghouta, Homs and Aleppo.

Thumb s.o.s 24 April 2018, 13:36

God is great, is dealing with the terrorists for us!

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 24 April 2018, 14:52

gas explosion:)

Thumb warrior 24 April 2018, 22:11

now it's a rocket propelled grenade:)

Thumb skeletor 24 April 2018, 15:29

That was one heck of a hot meal; a bit over cooked.

Thumb s.o.s 24 April 2018, 15:34

Boneless too? :)))

Thumb s.o.s 24 April 2018, 17:35

Someone didn't appreciate the mitwelian msa7ab joke, it must be MoFan!

Thumb janoubi 24 April 2018, 15:55

اتهم موقع "جنوبية" اللبناني حزب الله بممارسة ضغوط على الأمن العام اللبناني، لإطلاق سراح 7 من عناصره، أوقفوا على خلفية الاعتداء الذي تعرض له المرشح للانتخابات اللبنانية #علي_الأمين.
واعتبر الموقع أن علي صفا، مسؤول "الارتباط" في #حزب_الله، تدخل لإطلاق سراح الموقوفين المتهمين بالاعتداء على الأمين.

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 24 April 2018, 16:43

Come on guys quit with the silly conspiracy theories, it's just a gas explosion.. it's always just a gas explosions.
They've been many of them in the past and they've all been gas explosios. For example the one in Dahieh that killed two Hamas bomb makers.. err.. I mean gas maker. Or another one in Aamsheet where a Syrian intelligence bomb maker.. umm.. gas maker making gas blew himself up etc. Remember the next time something like this happens, even before they tell you the cause think gas explosion, it's always a gas explosion.

Thumb eagledawn 24 April 2018, 18:28

Yes, Cocaine makes all things possible.

Thumb kanaanljdid 24 April 2018, 20:07

It is dangerous to live next to a mitwale appartement !

Thumb ice-man 24 April 2018, 20:51

How Sad....

Thumb shab 24 April 2018, 21:46

rocket-propelled grenade, "a mysterious house accident" Whatever the cause, he was a filthy murdering millitant

Thumb s.o.s 24 April 2018, 21:55

Some hero from ain el helweh dealt him a fatal “blow” ;)

Thumb whyaskwhy 25 April 2018, 00:33

Those time bombs can be tricky to operate....well at least he tried to make it work lol. Sorry I am not belittling the guy dying but if you live by the sword then laws of probability would dictate you have a greater chance of dying by the sword too! I still think Israel did it...

Thumb chrisrushlau 25 April 2018, 01:40

Making the RPG into an IED is as hard to believe as blowing yourself up with an RPG. All things seem possible to the incompetent.
I don't think Trump will be President in 2021. The next guy, you'll have to worry about what he says, because he will be building the future.

Thumb galaxy 25 April 2018, 10:15

Rot in Hell