Berri Says Hizbullah-AMAL Alliance Targeted by Local, Foreign 'Sectarians'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Tuesday announced that the Hizbullah-AMAL Movement alliance is being targeted by “sectarians inside and outside Lebanon.”

“We pride ourselves and we are not ashamed of what some call a 'Shiite duo', which is in fact a patriotic duo. It represents the only remaining immunity to protect Lebanon, alongside the army-people-resistance equation,” Berri said during a Msayleh meeting with a delegation from the southern town of Kfar Dunin.

“We would have been ashamed of any duo had it been against national unity, Lebanon's Arab identity and its pan-Arab causes, topped by the Palestine cause,” Berri added.

“As long as this alliance is a patriotic confessional alliance, it's normal and expected for it to be a permanent target for the attacks of sectarians inside and outside Lebanon,” the Speaker went on to say, noting that “the Israeli enemy is also annoyed and concerned over this alliance.”

Berri added: “As long as the enemy is this concerned and annoyed, we will work on reinforcing and strengthening this alliance and let them be annoyed and concerned.”

The Speaker's remarks come eleven days ahead of the May 6 parliamentary elections in which Hizbullah and AMAL will be allied across all districts.

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Thumb janoubi 24 April 2018, 18:06

“We pride ourselves and we are not ashamed of what some call a 'Shiite duo''

and that is not sectarian:)!

Thumb galaxy 24 April 2018, 18:25

Yes, Berri is not sectarian.....

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 24 April 2018, 18:48

Obviously the Hizbullah-AMAL alliance is targeted by local and foreign sectarians. Just the other day one such local sectarian violently targeted a bunch of peaceful Hizbullah-AMAL supporters. He targeted their fist with his face, then he targeted their foot with his head and his ribs. He even targeted them with his tooth which broke off and with his blood which spilled all over the ground. These undemocratic attacks targeting the Hizbullah-AMAL alliance must stop.