Pompeo Says U.S. to 'Crush Hizbullah Operatives' around the World

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday vowed that Washington will “crush” whom he called Hizbullah's operatives around the world, as he issued a steep list of demands that he said should be included in a nuclear treaty with Iran to replace the Obama-era deal.

"We will track down Iranian operatives and their Hizbullah proxies operating around the world and crush them," Pompeo said.

Pompeo also demanded that Iran cease from a range of activities throughout the Middle East that have long drawn the ire of the U.S. and its allies. He said Iran must halt support for its Hizbullah, stop threatening Israel, end support for Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen and "withdraw all forces" from Syria.

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Thumb thepatriot 21 May 2018, 17:28

You have the support of millions of Lebanese inside and outside Lebanon for that! ... Crush those secterian drug trafficking mercenaries!

Thumb joebustani 21 May 2018, 17:32

bless anyone person, entity, organization, brigade or country that inflicts extreme pain and unbearable suffering, death, torture, and destruction upon the iranian sectarian terrorist militia and its members, sponsors, supporters or followers wherever they may be.

Thumb barrymore 21 May 2018, 17:36

"We will track down Iranian operatives and their Hizbullah proxies operating around the world and crush them," Pompeo said.

Ready to provide any help needed.
Full Ahead

Thumb norma-jean 21 May 2018, 17:40

Pompeo Says U.S. to 'Crush Hizbullah Operatives' around the World

Mr. Pompeo: Jannah, Firdous, Gigi and I have a list of operatives to submit including :

- flamethrower

and all their aliases.

We have detailed information about the whereabouts of these terrorist operatives.
Call Me

Thumb s.o.s 21 May 2018, 17:55


Thumb illiterate-Southern 21 May 2018, 17:54

Southern, I read your comment 5 times and finally it dawned on me the depth of your factual analysis. The U.S failures in these countries are obvious to even the most uninformed readers.

Once again you have showed us how to take a complex geopolitical puzzle and dismantle it into simple easy to understand pieces.

I value your contributions to my development and growth. I shall forever be indebted to you.

Thumb s.o.s 21 May 2018, 17:54

God Bless America, the President of the Free World and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Awaiting orders to take down the cancer.

Thumb ashtah 21 May 2018, 18:18

Let's see the implementation...... Hezbollah terrorists are easy target for U.S fighter jets in Syria. Do it....

Thumb whyaskwhy 21 May 2018, 18:19

Why comment if you were not truly concerned patriotic? Talking about failures I presume you speak from an experienced point of view having seen Kizballah leadership fail in Lebanon as well as in other nations around the globe. That all aside you have missed the greatest failure of any so called political leadership must be that of managing their own. The Iranian people will attest to that.

Thumb eagledawn 21 May 2018, 18:25

"Laugh out loud!" Aka, LOL.

Say it again, Chris.

Thumb justin 21 May 2018, 18:30

بعد النجاح الكبير الذي حققه فيلم “كفرناحوم” للمخرجة اللبنانية نادين لبكي، في مهرجان “كان” السينمائي في دورته الـ71، بجائزة لجنة التحكيم والتي تمثل بشكل فعلي الميدالية البرونزية، كتب النائب نواف الموسوي على صفحته عبر “تويتر”: “بلا لبكي، بلا وجع راس : وقت الجدّ ما فيه غير سلاحك بيحميك”.

الموسوي حول فوز لبكي في مهرجان “كان” السينمائي: وقت الجدّ ما في غير سلاحك بيحميك

Thumb enterprise 22 May 2018, 08:20

That's the culture of the shia: terrorism, weapons, drugs, kidnappings, massacres, money laundering.

Missing phillipo 21 May 2018, 19:00

The sooner the better. The more the merrier.

Thumb shab 21 May 2018, 19:13

Thank you USA

Thumb whyaskwhy 21 May 2018, 21:24

Let me see so this week your pro Kizballah while last week you were not. It gives my previous accusation of your rational regarding the randomly chosen quotes you provide more emphasis.

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 21 May 2018, 21:34

Patty, me boy, you forgot how, in your Bizarro World history, the USSR also buried America, why not. After decades of victorious economic achievements Vietnam came crawling to America for economic help and investments. America left Iraq, after Obama's campaign promise, with AlQaeda defeated with the help of the Sha7wat and new elections on the way. The Iranians with Obama's accord kept their tool the illiterate election loser and embezzler Maliki, PM, with dire consequences. New PM Abadi had to go beg America back to help him defeat Daesh. America was kicked out of Syria and has more than 20 bases and counting, some kick that was. America failed in Afghanistan, to do what? It's still there. In Lebanon American officials come in through the airport and they're covered by all medias while the Iranians and friends have to sneak in illegally and take selfies.

Thumb liberty 22 May 2018, 03:14


Thumb scorpyonn 21 May 2018, 21:55

Iran needs to go first. You never negotiate with cancer- you eliminate it

Thumb Maxx 22 May 2018, 03:36

Eh, right. As much as I would have been happy if it were true, but believing anything that comes out of the Spanky Trump White House is like believing Basil when he said "kahraba 24/7!"...
Talk talk talk...

Thumb Maxx 22 May 2018, 03:37

How do you expect anybody to believe in God when you don't even believe in Spellcheck?

Thumb warrior 22 May 2018, 06:09

lol @ 'Chris' the 'Christian';)

Thumb warrior 22 May 2018, 06:09

Add mine too