Ibrahim: Fight against Terrorism, Israel Will Remain Priority


General Security Chief, Major General Abbas Ibrahim marked Resistance and Liberation Day on Thursday assuring that the fight against terrorism and the Israeli enemy “will always be a priority,” the NAtional News Agency reported.

Addressing the troops, he stressed that the battle against Israel was similar to that against Takfiri terrorism.

"Eighteen years ago, the last Israeli soldier was driven out of Lebanon... In recent years, you have fought incessant war against the Israeli enemy and their espionage networks, and have successfully dismantled dozens of networks that were trying to destabilize Lebanon," he said.

"Esteemed soldiers, Israeli terrorism is similar to the Takfiri one that you fought all over Lebanon. Your battles have resulted in the liberation of much of our land after years of bloodshed."

"May 25 of this year is of special importance, not only thanks to the victory against the Takfiri enemy, but also thanks to the holding of legislative elections, where you played a role to guarantee security and stability," he added.

Ibrahim went on to say urging the military for “vigilance,” to counter the dangers facing our country.

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