Woman Killed as Floods Wreak Havoc in Bekaa Border Towns


A woman was killed on Wednesday as flash floods invaded the Bekaa border towns of Ras Baalbek and al-Qaa.

The floods came from the Eastern Mountain Range according to the National News Agency.

The water reached levels unprecedented in the region, cutting off al-Qaa's public road near Syria's border, storming homes and shops and submerging groves and farms.

Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense crews worked on reopening roads and removing debris from the streets as they offered the necessary assistance to citizens.

President Michel Aoun meanwhile called High Relief Commission chief Maj. Gen. Mohammed Kheir and inquired about the measures that have been taken. The president was also briefed by Lebanese Red Cross chief Antoine al-Zoghbi on the work of the paramedics who were scrambled to the affected region.

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri for his part made a series of phone calls from Moscow where he is on an official visit. He asked the relevant authorities to address the damage caused by the floods in Ras Baalbek, al-Qaa, Jdeidet al-Fakiha and Keserwan's mountainous region.

He also instructed the High Relief Commission to quickly assess the damage ahead of paying compensations to those affected.

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Thumb s.o.s 13 June 2018, 22:05

God’s wrath!

Thumb s.o.s 13 June 2018, 23:46

I'm no sectarian scumbo sir, I saw the videos where the elements were raging on the region, it's God's wrath point a la lich.

Thumb galaxy 14 June 2018, 10:48

blablabla why are you 'harcelatting' the readership?!

Thumb Mordekaiser 14 June 2018, 12:15

But isn't God merciful?

Thumb blablablablabla 14 June 2018, 13:21

about harcelating you should check up your check up your own attitude :D

Thumb marcus 14 June 2018, 19:00

What a POS !

Thumb canadianleb 14 June 2018, 14:37

This is not God's wrath. What do you expect when you cut down trees and destroy mountains that hold and absorb the water. You destry Mother nature and she fights back. So before you blame God, Allah, or whomever the blame lies with the Lebanese people who are still living in the 16th century. read this and tell me what you think.