Aoun Meets Kardel, Stresses Need for Refugees’ Return


President Michel Aoun held a meeting on Thursday with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Pernille Dahler Kardel and ambassadors of the International Support Group for Lebanon, the National News Agency reported.

“The return of displaced people to their hometowns in Syria can not wait for a political solution to the Syrian crisis which may require time. Lebanon’s potentials no longer allow them to stay on their land indefinitely, due to the negative repercussions on various levels,” said Aoun.

“Lebanon is loyal to its commitments to the United Nations and friendly countries and keen to maintain these strong relations especially with the countries that help it,” added Aoun.

For her part, Kardel said: “We reiterated the temporary nature of the presence of displaced Syrians in Lebanon and agreed on the need to push forward the partnership between Lebanon and its international partners in a constructive and fruitful manner to deal with this issue.”

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عون :"دور مين يفت"؟