Raad: Hizbullah in Better Position after General Elections


Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad on Monday said the “party was now in a better position than before, following the parliamentary elections,” the National News Agency said.

"After the elections our situation is at its best compared to the past. Things have become better. We are not pressured, neither regarding a permanent majority at the Parliament, nor about forces that can impose any decision on the country without consulting us," the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc said during a memorial ceremony in the southern Bint Jbeil town of Kherbet Selm.

"Our security situation is also at its best; and our political condition is promising in terms of real action," he added.

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Thumb justin 18 June 2018, 15:23

بطل فضيحة سوناطارك… أصبح لبنانيًا بعد مرسوم التجنيس!

فريد نور الدين بجاوي، إسم ورد في مرسوم التجنيس، هو إبن أخ وزير خارجية الجزائر السابق ورئيس المجلس الدستوري السابق محمد بجاوي.

ارتبط اسمه بصفقات “سوناطراك” وفضيحة شركة “أس أن سي لافالان” الكنديّة، إلى جانب فضيحة الشركة الإيطاليّة “سايبام” اللتين وظّفتا فريد بجاوي في منصب وسيط، حتى تتمكّنا من الحصول على عقود مع “سوناطراك”.

وتحدثت معلومات عن أن فريد بجاوي حصل على رشاوى على شكل عمولات بقيمة حوالى مليار دولار من الشركة الكنديّة وشركة “سايبام” الإيطالية المتخصصة بالبترول، وذكرت مصادر إعلامية أن بجاوي انتحل صفة مستشار لوزير الطاقة الجزائري السابق شكيب خليل.


Thumb Mystic 18 June 2018, 16:54

You lost in Lebanon, you lost in Syria, you lost in Iraq, you can barely fight back against the Ansarullah in Yemen despite of massive American and European support.

Thumb thepatriot 18 June 2018, 17:06

Mastica... we know your rhetorics.... whatever happens... you end up with a "Divine Victory"...

Thumb s.o.s 18 June 2018, 17:09

Blah blah blah and blah.... old broken record.

Thumb justin 18 June 2018, 17:32


المرصد السوري: إرتفاع محصلة قتلى الغارة في شرق سوريا الى 52 مقاتلاً موالياً للنظام.

Thumb ex-fpm 18 June 2018, 17:45

useless demagogue !

Thumb Mystic 18 June 2018, 18:58

Israel only seems to be successful against unarmed Palestinians at a border fence.
In a man to man combat they are are just Gucci soldiers in the IDF, they are not battle hardened.

Thumb fakenews 18 June 2018, 20:15

Mystic, go "liberate" something


and bring the other apes with you

Thumb fakenews 18 June 2018, 20:24

and don't talk about massive support chump when Hezbollah's only raison d'être is Iranian money. Without it Nasrallah wouldn't be able to afford the ¢0.75 flip flops he so treasures and you'd be worshiping Berri like you did before the Ayatollahs invented the Nasrallahs.

"It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and to forget his own." - Cicero

Thumb jaafar.ibn.iblees 19 June 2018, 12:14

Were those two dead iranian shia terrorists in your avatar battle hardened enough?

Thumb thepatriot 19 June 2018, 14:29

Each days that passes by sees more Ebolas end up in Body Bags... they lost another 4 yesterday near Deraa... from what I hear... more than 5,000 thugs killed or wounded in combat since the beggining of the war ...skeletor is busy...

Thumb shab 19 June 2018, 23:27

-and they died with happiness

Thumb thepatriot 20 June 2018, 05:48

And they died with our happiness too...