Report: Lebanon to Annul Decision on Passport Stamping for Iranians


Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq will reportedly scrap a controversial decision allowing Iranian passengers to enter into Lebanon without having their passports stamped at the airport, media reports said on Tuesday.

Mashnouq plans to suspend the General Security Directorate step, arguing that “such decisions must be taken by the Cabinet.”

Lebanese officials and citizens were up in arms over the procedure, despite assurances made Sunday by General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim who said the measure “was normal and has been adopted for years in several Gulf and European countries.”

Ibrahim assured “it does not mean that Iranians or other nationals are allowed to enter Lebanon illegally.”

Many in Lebanon considered the aim of the decision was to “circumvent the international sanctions imposed on Iran and Hizbullah, and facilitate the transfer of funds and fighters to Syria.”

Reports emerged accusing Hizbullah of “exploiting” the Rafik Hariri International Airport by allowing the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to take the airport as a base for Iranian regime operations, which consists of transporting weapons and fighters to locations and countries serving the Revolutionary Guards’ strategy for regional intervention.”

Lebanese Forces MP Wehbe Katicha has urged Mashnouq in a letter to “take the right decision due to the political implications it has.” He said “Ibrahim has administrative authority to exempt individual cases for special reasons in terms of stamping the passport or not, but when it is linked to a whole state, these become a power of political authority.”

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Thumb janoubi 19 June 2018, 12:21

الآن بات معلوما للبنانيين ولغير اللبنانيين، وباعتراف المديرية العامة للأمن العام، أنها “تعتمد إجراء متاحًا أمام رعايا عدد من الدول الوافدين إلى لبنان، وللراغبين منهم بتوشيح أختام الدخول والخروج على بطاقات مستقلة ترفق بجوازات سفرهم”. وهذا يفسر إعلان السفارة اللبنانية في طهران “أن جوازات السفر الإيرانية لن تختم بعد الآن في مطار بيروت سواء عند الدخول أو عند المغادرة”.
جواز الإيراني يختم في مطار بلاده، ولا يختم في مطار بيروت، ومن يرغب من اللبنانيين القادمين إلى إيران لغايات عسكرية أن يستفيد من المعاملة بالمثل، ومن يرغب من الإيرانيين القادمين إلى سوريا للقتال عبر بيروت؛ أن يعود إلى بلاده دون أن يظهر على جوازه انتقاله إلى لبنان أو سوريا.
هذا هو المعنى العملي لإعلان قائد فيلق القدس قاسم سليماني، أن “حصول حزب الله في لبنان على 74 مقعدا من أصل 128 لأول مرة في البرلمان، حوّله من حزب مقاومة إلى حكومة مقاومة”

Thumb justin 19 June 2018, 12:34

مرسوم التجنيس عند اللواء ابراهيم
موضوع النازحين عند اللواء ابراهيم
دخول الايرانيين عند اللواء ابراهيم
في الماضي كان يقال"ما في بالجيش الا طنّوس؟"
اليوم نقول"ما في بالدولة الاّ ابراهيم؟"

Thumb 19 June 2018, 14:06

The procedure put Lebanon on a virtual Western embargo. aiding terroristes is not okay. Mr Ibrahim usurped a rôle because it wasn't his decision to make.

Thumb whyaskwhy 19 June 2018, 15:58

What a joke but then again it is the banana republic...

Thumb s.o.s 19 June 2018, 18:17

Clearly today Lebanon’s problems is mainly of Shia nature, it’s extremely sad to describe it as such because of the country’s history, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Yes, they bought a Christian backer, namely, the Aoun clan and mafia, but they’re the reason why the country isn’t thriving economically because ever since they assassinated PM Hariri, they’ve done every single possible thing to destroy us and our lifestyle. From inviting Israel to bomb the hell out of us in 2006, to the May 7 events , then by creating Daesh and also inviting them in and this isn’t over yet. Let’s not forget they denied us elections until the electoral law was modified to favor them. Filth!