Hariri: We've Become Very Close to Final Govt. Equation

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Government formation negotiations have become “very close” to the final line-up “equation,” Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri said Friday after talks with President Michel Aoun in Baabda.

“The meeting was very positive and I discussed with the president the cabinet formation process and the representation of the various parties. I hope consensus will soon be reached on this matter, especially that the president has shown high positivity in this regard,” Hariri told reporters.

“I will continue consultations with all political parties over this issue and I believe that we can finalize the matter very quickly should we continue on this track,” he added.

Asked about ministerial portfolios, Hariri said: “We are working on the government's shape and shares and we've become very close to the final equation. Only a few consultations are still needed and I will not clarify further in order not to obstruct the current progress.”

Asked what specific points were discussed in the meeting, the PM-designate said: “We discussed the share that every political party is demanding.”

“The issue requires consultations that I will immediately carry on with and I'm still optimistic,” he added.

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Thumb janoubi 22 June 2018, 19:11

notable new faces in the expected government : Nadir Hariri and Shamil Roukz
Permanent Fixture: Jebran Bassil

Thumb s.o.s 22 June 2018, 19:14

Ya latif!

Thumb roflmfao 22 June 2018, 22:18

Dude don't forget poor dispossessed Roy. They'll have to throw a bone his way with a cabinet post to Mireille Aoun el-Hachem and pat themselves on the back for being progressive.

Thumb justin 22 June 2018, 20:33

Every Lebanese should watch this:

DNA 22/06/2018 حزب الله: أين الدولة؟!

Thumb roflmfao 22 June 2018, 21:24

Nadim didn't have to put any effort on this one, the comedy wrote itself. I've downloaded a laugh track on my phone. It comes handy whenever I find myself in a place that happens to broadcast Al-Manar news. It complements whatever they're blabbering about perfectly.