Report: Cabinet Formation Negotiations Proceed


As negotiations continue to form the country’s new government, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun have reportedly “agreed on having six Sunni ministers, one of them of Aoun’s share, while a Christian minister would be named of Hariri’s share,” LBCI channel reported on Saturday.

March 8 alliance sources told LBCI that “AMAL Movement insists on allocating the finance portfolio to a minister of its backing, while Hizbullah wants to get the health ministry. The Marada Movement will not be given any of the portfolio they asked to allocate.”

They added: “The Progressive Socialist Party (of Walid Jumblat) reiterated that the whole Druze share comprised of three ministerial seats be given to the PSP,” which leaves his Druze rival MP Talal Arslan, of the Strong Lebanon bloc, out of the equation.

“None of the political parties are willing to engage in a battle for Arslan’s sake,” said the sources.

“Negotiations regarding the Lebanese Forces’ share resumed,” they added, “where it is likely to give them ministries of justice, education and agriculture in addition to another unspecified portfolio.”

On Friday, Hariri said after talks with President Michel Aoun in Baabda that government formation negotiations have become “very close” to the final line-up “equation.”

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