Shakira Visits Her Grandmother's Village in Lebanon


Colombian pop star Shakira on Friday visited the village in Lebanon where her paternal grandmother was born.

"Hello Tannourine, thank you, I am happy to be here!", the 41-year-old singer said in Arabic during a visit under high security to the village of Tannourine in north Lebanon.

Accompanied by local officials, Shakira visited a nature reserve that grows cedar trees -- Lebanon's national emblem -- and planted two saplings.

To mark the occasion, a small patch of the reserve was named "Shakira Mubarak" -- after one of the singer's family names, Tannourine's mayor Bahaa Harb said.

On Friday evening, she will kick off the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon, a concert set to attract 13,000 people.

This is Shakira's third visit to the country. Her first visit came in 2003 and she returned in 2011 for a concert. 

The artist is in Lebanon with her two sons.

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Thumb s.o.s 13 July 2018, 20:51

Naharnet, why didn’t you give us the heads up. I’m in love with Shakira!

Missing cimitero 14 July 2018, 02:08

Shakira is the embodiment of everything counter to the so called culture of the resistance and I like it. Mohamad Raad must be losing his mind seeing this.

Thumb chrisrushlau 14 July 2018, 14:11

Which sect did her grandmother belong to? I hope they kept records.