Al-Sayyed-AMAL War of Words Flares Up, Jreissati Steps in


The war of words between Speaker Nabih Berri's AMAL Movement and Bekaa MP Jamil al-Sayyed escalated on Tuesday, as caretaker Justice Minister Salim Jreissati jumped into the fray by ordering a probe into accusations launched by the former General Security chief.

“For the sake of truth, he might oblige us once again to remind him of his record in launching accusations and fabricating stories to create a status for himself. But we will not be dragged into the sedition that he wants to stir in the (Shiite) arena that has protected Lebanon and its unity,” AMAL Movement said in a statement.

“To the person claiming to have military honor, we dare him to present his fabricated accusations to the public prosecution so that the truth can be discerned. He and others know that only honorable people work alongside Speaker Berri and they will not be shaken by falsehoods,” the movement added.

During a press conference earlier in the day, al-Sayyed had called on Berri to “eliminate the person who is sowing sedition from the ranks of his group.”

“Speaker Berri does not need to enroll officer cadets to garner popularity in the Bekaa,” al-Sayyed added.

“As for the appointments in security agencies, especially the latest State Security recruitment round, they tried to incite the Bekaa against the South and we foiled this objective, knowing that 10 out of 17 paid a bribe to get recruited,” the major general added.

“One of Speaker Berri's good characteristics in politics is that he does not have sons-in-law or sons in politics and he has said that no one will inherit him in politics,” al-Sayyed went on to say.

Accusing an AMAL official of “waging an insults and obscenities campaign” against him on social media to “protect his thugs,” al-Sayyed called on Berri to “expel” the official, noting that “part of the negative results of the elections in the Bekaa was caused by the approach of this person and those who are like him.”

“Eliminate those who are sowing discord between the South and the Bekaa,” the controversial major general added, addressing Berri.

Minister Jreissati meanwhile ordered State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud to launch a probe into al-Sayyed's remarks during the press conference.

Jreissati noted that, if verified, the allegations made by al-Sayyed constitute criminal offenses that require prosecution.

He accordingly asked Hammoud to seek to “identify the culprits, partners, instigators and anyone involved in crimes of bribery, power abuse and misconduct that may have marred the recruitment process of officers, non-commissioned officers and personnel in all branches of the armed forces.”

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Thumb janoubi 17 July 2018, 18:18

This thug for once is telling part of the truth. Getting into the security agencies is the path to richness and power in a corrupt country like Lebanon. Just take a look at the lifestyle of Lebanese Army/ISF/Intelligence officers and compare it to their income. They drive the latest Mercedes or Range Rover models, their wives have at least two maids, they live in very expensive real estate, and regularly take trips abroad for vacation.

It is not unusual to pay bribes to get recruited into these agencies.

Thumb s.o.s 17 July 2018, 18:29

Let them tear down each other and bring themselves to new lows, it ll contribute to sparking a long overdue revolution to overthrow these horrible people.

Thumb canadianleb 17 July 2018, 19:17

Yah right!!! This is just a show for the idiot masses that follow them...

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 17 July 2018, 18:49

thug vs. thug
season 2
episode 12

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 July 2018, 19:11

I think it healthy, Amal is the only entity that can keep Kizb in check in Lebanon. Remember back in the old days when Amal pushed Kizballah out of quit a few areas of Beirut. Go Team go lol