Geagea Urges Aoun to Stop 'Bassil's Nonstop Clashes with Everyone'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has called on President Michel Aoun to put an end to what he called “Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil's nonstop clashes with everyone.”

“There is a very deplorable situation... Whenever we and other parties exert efforts to pacify the situations, Bassil decides to talk and blow up the situation,” Geagea said in an interview with Kuwait's al-Rai newspaper to be published Friday.

“Everything Bassil is trying to do is to withhold a ministerial seat from us. Is this how the LF should be rewarded? This is very shameful,” Geagea added.

“According to Bassil's inaccurate numbers about our representation, we represent 31% of the Christian vote which grants us a share of five ministerial seats... What is he arguing about?” the LF leader went on to say.

Emphasizing that the government formation process is the responsibility of the prime minister-designate and the president, Geagea accused Bassil of seeking to “usurp the president's role.”

“We are keen on the Maarab Agreement and if Bassil wants to disavow it then he is free. We highly respect and appreciate the president and our biggest wish is the success of this presidential tenure, but Bassil's actions are undermining this presidential tenure and I'm saying this very regrettably,” Geagea added.

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Thumb roflmfao 19 July 2018, 19:48

LOL Geagea what a kidder... wait he's serious!

Thumb eagledawn 19 July 2018, 20:24

Hakim: “أوعا خيك”!

Thumb ashtah 19 July 2018, 20:45

It would be naive on anyone's part to assume that Aoun is not aware of Bassil's every move or that he has not approved Bassil's actions.

It is a well known fact that Bassil maintains a permanent office at the Baabda palace.

Thumb insider 19 July 2018, 21:12

Aoun and Bassil play good cop bad cop

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 19 July 2018, 21:51

Abbas Ibrahim submitted ti the Syrian regime 4500 names of Syrian refugee families who wished to return to Syria, the Syrian regime only accepted 300. But Bassil will not clash with the Syrian regime quite the opposite, because he's good little Qawmi Souris through and through.

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 20 July 2018, 02:04

The percentages were given out by Bassil's when he was on MTV's Bi Mawdouiyeh a couple of weeks ago. He was taking about the percentage of whole vote not just the Christian. As usual Bassil is prone to hyperbole. Geagea is calling his bluff by using Bassil's own percentage. Bare in mind Bassil and co ran everywhere with a major party either the Future, Hezballah/Amal, even the Muslim brothers and Ahbash while the LF ran alone or with local candidates in most districts.

Thumb enterprise 20 July 2018, 06:05

Even by Bassil's incorrect numbers, 31% entitles the Lebanese Forces to 5 ministers in a 30 minister cabinet.

A cabinet of 30 ministers is shared equally between moslems and christians. Hence, 15 christian ministers. Now, 31% (according to bassil) equates to roughly 5 ministers.

Thumb Puppet 20 July 2018, 08:11

I have the utmost respect for Mrs. awirless for its perseverance and steadfastness in learning addition, subtraction, and division.

Thumb s.o.s 20 July 2018, 09:45

the wireless dude doesn't realize his frequency bands are jammed !