Israel Activates Missile Defense System after Syria Rockets


The Israeli military says it activated its aerial defense system in response to incoming rockets from the fighting in neighboring Syria.

The military says two interceptors were launched Monday from the David's Sling system after the rockets were identified. No injuries or damage was reported and the military says the rockets landed in Syrian territory.

The incident set off sirens throughout northern Israel.

It's unclear who fired the rockets in Syria and what they were aimed at.

Earlier this month, Israel twice in the same week fired a Patriot missile at an unmanned aircraft that approached the country's border from Syria.

In June, Israel fired a missile at a drone that approached its airspace near the Syrian frontier.

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Thumb tric.portugal 23 July 2018, 14:37

Israel is always the vitim...the anglo-saxons and Jacobins created a state of Israel for extreminate the cristhians in the region...Israel, after listening Russia and USA talk about the return of refugies, promoted imediatly more confusion...