Lebanon Rejects UN Stance, Says Syrians Should Return


Lebanon has rejected the position of the head of the U.N. refugee agency, who said it was too early to talk about a mass return of Syrian refugees because the war-torn country is still too dangerous.

The Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that conditions in Syria now are stable in many cities and provinces.

Lebanon is home to more than 1 million Syrian refugees, who make up nearly a quarter of its population.

Filippo Grandi, the head of the U.N. refugee agency, said Monday he would be visiting Syria in "a few days" to assess the situation for displaced people.

He said the international community should support refugees who want to return, but that it was "premature" to talk about mass repatriation.

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Thumb justin 15 August 2018, 08:06

Ok, why doesn't bassil return the syrians now?

Thumb s.o.s 15 August 2018, 11:33

because he's a waffler!

Thumb s.o.s 15 August 2018, 11:38

These refugees are under our protection and our guests. They can't return if Bashar remains in power, it's unsafe for them. Well done to the Shia jihadist terrorist organization for messing with the fragile sectarian balance in Lebanon. Had they not intervened and begged for Russia to rescue the butcher, none of those people would be here.

Thumb tric.portugal 15 August 2018, 14:02

UN wants the integration of the refugie in Lebanon. Thats a fact .

Thumb whyaskwhy 16 August 2018, 01:56

Place them in the Da7ye, after all Kizballah was the group that forced them out of Syria.