Riachi Says FPM 'Threw Over' the Rest of Maarab Agreement


As the conflict widens between the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement over ministerial shares, caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachi said the FPM “had obtained what it wanted from the Maarab Agreement and shunned other elements of the accord," Asharq al-Awsat daily reported on Saturday.

The LF Minister said the FPM “has obtained what it desired from the agreement, particularly the election of (FPM founder) President Michel Aoun, and threw over the rest of the accord,” he told the daily.

The 2016 Maarab agreement brought the onetime foes together, LF chief Samir Geagea and FPM founder Aoun. Geagea had withdrawn from the presidential race in favor of Aoun endorsing him for the head of State post.

The formation of the Cabinet has been delayed since Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri was tasked for the mission on May 24. The main obstacle hindering his mission is political wrangling over Christian and Druze representation.

The LF demand the allocation of four portfolios including a sovereign one. Meanwhile, the FPM reportedly rejects the demand.

Riachi stressed that his party has rejected a suggestion to allocate four key ministries in the new Cabinet lineup, instead of their original demand to get four portfolios including a so-called sovereign one.

He warned against further delay in lining the government, noting that advocates calling for restoration of relations with Syria is one of the manifestations to disrupt the formation process.

The four so-called sovereign ministerial portfolios are foreign affairs, defense, finance and interior.

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Thumb justin 18 August 2018, 12:51

live and learn....

Thumb s.o.s 18 August 2018, 13:42

The FPM are like Moqtada Sadr. They can never be trusted!

Thumb galaxy 18 August 2018, 13:51

They are the 3rd shia force in Lebanon.

Thumb s.o.s 18 August 2018, 14:05

It’s terrible to have so many factions with allegiances to Syria and Iran instead of their own country.

Thumb bronco 18 August 2018, 13:15

what do yo expect from an army general that left his soldiers to die in battle while he ran away with his family?

Thumb ado.qawmisuria 18 August 2018, 14:31

Wrong he ran away without his family. His family was later evacuated by Hbeika and the 7ezb al-Qawni al-Souri.

Thumb bronco 18 August 2018, 15:42

the details of how it happened is not the issue now, the point is he ran away

Thumb s.o.s 18 August 2018, 16:41

Actually Mr Ford Bronco, the devil is in the detail !

Thumb ado.qawmisuria 18 August 2018, 14:28

Deal with it Melhem you guys were duped again LOL. The FPM is now completely controlled from Damascus and is a branch of the 7ezb al-Qawni al-Souri. Pierre Raffoul goes to Damascus every week and brings the weekly agenda. In the late 70s early 80s Raffoul had a similar assignment but with Israel rather than Syria so he knows the drill.

Thumb justin 18 August 2018, 14:59

شدد وزير الدولة لشؤون رئاسة الجمهورية في حكومة تصريف الأعمال بيار رفول على أن العقدة المعترضة تشكيل الحكومة الجديدة تكمن في طلب البعض، بدفع خارجي، حصصًا مبالغًا فيها، وفي رهانه على متغيرات في المنطقة لن تصب في مصلحته حتمًا، رافضًا ربط أسباب عرقلة التأليف بإعلان الرئيس المكلف رفض التطبيع مع سوريا.

وأكد رفول، في حديث خاص لإذاعة النور، عدم تحمل العهد والتيار الوطني الحر مسؤولية عدم تشكيل الحكومة، منتقدًا تجاوز أطراف سياسية المعيار المعلن للتأليف والمتمثل بحصول كل أربعة نواب على مقعد وزاري متعمدة في المقابل نفخ حجمها وتقليص حجم سائر الأفرقاء.

وأعلن أن مصلحة اللبنانيين تقتضي تطبيعا كاملا للعلاقات مع سوريا المنتصرة شاء من شاء ذلك وأبى من أبى، مشيرًا إلى أن لبنان هو الرابح من انتصار الدولة الجارة لإتاحته إعادة النازحين السوريين إلى بلدهم وتفعيل تصدير بضائعه عبر معبر نصيب إلى الخارج والمشاركة في إعادة الإعمار وتحسين اقتصاده المتردي.


Thumb marcus 18 August 2018, 16:32

"وأعلن أن مصلحة اللبنانيين تقتضي تطبيعا كاملا للعلاقات مع سوريا المنتصرة شاء من شاء ذلك وأبى من أبى،"

and he is advisor to the president of Lebanon:)!

Thumb marcus 18 August 2018, 16:34

My bad.... "A State Minister" who carries a diplomatic passport and is gifted with a $40,000 salary per month.

Thumb fakenews 18 August 2018, 18:08

بيار رفول: مصلحة اللبنانيين تقتضي تطبيعا كاملا للعلاقات مع سوريا المنتصرة شاء من شاء ذلك وأبى من أبى


Thumb ex-fpm 19 August 2018, 09:14

That's what the FPM is all about. Selling principles and morals for position and power.

Thumb s.o.s 19 August 2018, 13:45

Yes ex FPM, this reminds me of the anarchy that prevailed before the fall of the Roman Empire. It aint good at all.

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 August 2018, 16:28

Syria never left lebanon and is even more influential now through its proxies of Kizballah and the Clown party, But not to worry our Gods will save us in Lebanon as they have done so many times in the past. lol

Thumb eagle_eye 19 August 2018, 11:53

The Greatest Danger: