Report: Lebanon’s Salvation Through a National Consensus Cabinet

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri “will not step back from his mission” and is keen on forming a national consensus government to safeguard the investment programs that gained international approval at the Cedre conference, the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat daily reported on Tuesday.

Sources close to the PM told the daily: “Hariri will not step back from his task to form a government. He insists on lining up a national consensus cabinet to protect the international investment programs agreed at the Cedre conference,” because he is confident that “it’s a salvation for Lebanon.”

The sources pointed out that Hariri wants a government composed of the six major blocs represented in parliament so that none of them turns into a “veto power” against the projects.

Hariri “does not wish to engage in political disputes with the parliamentary blocs during the formation process, because he will have to sit with them in the Cabinet later on to discuss how to govern the country into safety.”

“Hariri knows well the articles stipulated in the Constitution on the subject of forming the government and the subject of the powers of the PM-designate,” added the sources in reference to attempts targeting the powers of the PM.

Hariri was tasked with forming a government on May 24 but his missions has since been delayed because of wrangling between political parties over Cabinet shares.

The major obstacles hampering the formation are the Christian and Druze representation.

The Lebanese Forces, whose victory in the May parliamentary elections almost doubled its seats, demand four ministerial seats in addition to a so-called sovereign portfolio.

On the other hand, former Druze MP Walid Jumblat and head of the Progressive Socialist Party insist on allocating the whole three Druze ministerial seats. Meanwhile, his rival, MP Talal Arslan of the Strong Lebanon bloc, also insists on getting a seat.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 28 August 2018, 12:23

Report: Lebanon’s Salvation Through a National Consensus Cabinet

Yes of course, it is the salvation.

Every government is a 'National Consensus Cabinet' and look what that led us?

Thumb tric.portugal 28 August 2018, 13:40

A National consensus is a Cabinet that support the Russian Plan for the return of the meca refugies, because a Cabinet that boyccotted the Russian Plan is a terrorist Cabinet!!! is the Cabinet of refugies integration...

Thumb doodle-dude 28 August 2018, 13:46

lol @ giga.tric

Thumb fakenews 28 August 2018, 17:12

Nut why, according to Abbas Ibrahim, is the Syrian government refusing to repatriate two third of the Syrian refugees who want to return and who submitted their names to the Lebanese General Security Directorate. By it's actions it looks like it's the Syrian government who wants the integration of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Wait, maybe Bashar is in collusion with Macron, Hariri, Trump, May, Merkel, Erdogan, Mecca, Wahhabism, the torrah people, the evangelicals, Bani Saud, and whoever else did I forgot to interrogated the Syrian refugees and have them stay in Lebanon. After all everyone knows and it's a historical fact that the only people who tried to destroy the Lebanese "Cristhian comunities" is the Syrian regime and the Assad family in particular.

Thumb fakenews 28 August 2018, 17:12


Thumb s.o.s 28 August 2018, 14:08

there's nothing worth salvaging. destroy it all and start from scratch with new people!

Thumb eagle_eye 28 August 2018, 14:29

The son of Hamas leader reveals important truth:

Thumb whyaskwhy 28 August 2018, 16:08

“will not step back from his mission” that is enough for anyone who can read to see that the PM has no mission. By the way what happened to his previous missions? they too were just about as successful!
Same people who lack the ability to lead and the same foes who have a dislike for an independent Lebanon away from Syria and we still expect different results?

Thumb fakenews 28 August 2018, 16:36

A more honest headline would be, "there will be no government before Gebran Bassil secures considerable commissions for himself, his family and his lackeys from the cash of the Cedre conference". It is the only reason he and his pappy in-law insist on getting the Social Affairs portfolio for themselves at all costs. This is a portfolio they previously frowned upon as not worthy of their "talents" as there was no money for them in it. But it will be central in the distribution of money of the Cedre largess.

Thumb justin 28 August 2018, 17:28

Hi, did you inform Aoun of the plight of that Christian woman you talked about years ago?

Thumb libanaisresilient 28 August 2018, 18:03

@Justin Choucair is a loser who licks Hariri's ass on daily basis hoping to secure a chair in some minisyry... as such, his misconduct is a matter that should concern Hariri himself not me. I only reported, taking due corrective measures and conducting investigations is duty of Almustaqbal, if they were honestly concerned about women's dignity.