Mashnouq Defends Hariri, Slams Those who 'Delayed President Vote, Closed Parliament'


Caretaker Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq on Sunday stressed that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri is protected by the Constitution and cannot be sacked as PM-designate.

Emphasizing that his support for Hariri is “non-debatable,” Mashnouq added: “We might disagree or agree on a certain political issue.”

The minister however defended Hariri in the face of suggestions that another figure should be tasked with forming the new government should the PM-designate fail to put together a Cabinet in the near future.

“We did not hear (constitutional) explanations when the country stayed without a president for two years. Parliament also remained closed for two years and those making interpretations today did not say back then whether the move was constitutional or unconstitutional,” Mashnouq said, in an apparent reference to President Michel Aoun, Speaker Nabih Berri and their political camp.

He added: “Our only choice is to cling to the Constitution... Our right in the country is a constitutional right, our role in the country is a constitutional role and our capability in the country is a constitutional capability. We will only rely on the Constitution and not on anything else.”

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Thumb galaxy 02 September 2018, 14:39

lol, but you 'willingly' voted for those who 'Delayed President Vote, Closed Parliament':))

Thumb s.o.s 02 September 2018, 16:10

صح . He did, they strengthened them willingly.... and modify the election law to suit them as well.