LF Warns of 'National Crisis', Slams FPM for 'Antagonizing All Parties'


The Lebanese Forces has warned that the government formation process has reached a “dead end,” cautioning that the country might descend “from a government crisis to a national crisis.”

“Things have reached a dead end and it is not right to conceal the truth from the people: no government is looming in the horizon and vacuum will reign indefinitely, because someone is betting on something that we do not know,” LF sources told An Nahar newspaper in remarks published Wednesday.

“All that we know is that this someone wants the formation of a government of victors and losers, a government that would curtail or exclude the LF and the Progressive Socialist Party. These attempts will not succeed and continued efforts in this direction will maintain the government deadlock,” the sources warned.

The sources also cautioned that “this approach might push the country from a government crisis into a national crisis,” warning of the Free Patriotic Movement's recent and ongoing clashes with “the Shiite sect, the Sunni sect, the Druze sect and large segments of Christians.”

Lebanese Forces deputy chief MP George Adwan had lashed out Tuesday at the apparent rejection of a Cabinet line-up that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri presented to President Michel Aoun, announcing that the LF will again insist on five ministerial seats including a so-called sovereign portfolio.

Media reports said Hariri's format gives the LF the education, justice, agriculture and culture portfolios.

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