Jumblat Lashes Out at EDL, Environment Ministry Officials


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat on Tuesday launched a blistering verbal attack on the “owners” of both the country's private power generators and the Turkish power ships as well as some officials at state-run Electricité Du Liban and the Environment Ministry.

“As the country drowns in floods, rivers of garbage, a polluted Litani River and darkness, the government is negotiating with the owners of generators instead of building a new power plant,” Jumblat tweeted.

“There is no difference between the owners of generators and the owners of the Turkish ships. Meanwhile, the thugs at EDL and the Environment Ministry are carrying out a purge and vengeance policy. Damn the hour in which they ascended to power. Thugs!” Jumblat added, in an apparent reference to the Free Patriotic Movement.

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Thumb canadianleb 11 September 2018, 15:48

Ok really and what have you done since you ascended to power?

Thumb whyaskwhy 11 September 2018, 17:11

Lol hes out of power CanadaLeb. The people in power now will simply use the 101 Lebanese management approach and blame the lack of their leadership and management on him and the man on the moon too. The point is that the thugs who are managing the generators are either in government or in cahoots with the current government.

Thumb canadianleb 11 September 2018, 17:37

he may not be directly in power but he still has a lot of influence. I hate to say it but the Lebanese people are idiots. The all know what the clowns in power are doing and are against it, but dare say anything against anyone from a different religious sect and all hell breaks loose. they need to get away from religion and focus on Lebanon as a society. they all still live in the past. the question one needs to ask what did these leaders every provide to the people that voted them in the answer is a country in debt with no functioning government but very rich politicians... go figure

Missing rabiosa 11 September 2018, 16:55

Neing a socialist he probably voted against privatization of EDL and other State run industries. Anything the state puts it's hand on becomes ineffective and rife with corruption.

Thumb ashtah 11 September 2018, 17:31

He was specifically against any ideas for the privatization of EDL.

Thumb s.o.s 11 September 2018, 17:55

Fenianos is an incompetent fainéant. He’s the minister in charge of the airport as well as works such as the cleaning of the Ghadir river. I saw hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles and junk floating towards the Mediterranean last weekend. This twat isn’t wearing his mistakes, what’s the head of the government doing? Nothing as usual.

Thumb beatryce 11 September 2018, 18:16

Je pense que Jaafar l'a fait

Thumb s.o.s 11 September 2018, 20:26

Jaafar et les jaafarites de Hay el Sellom!

Thumb whyaskwhy 11 September 2018, 20:29

Thanks CanadaLeb and your 100% right ignorance is bliss in Lebanon specifically when they rely on religious solutions to all issues. I have to ask the same question over and over, if the Gods are so powerful and cool how come each and every sect in Lebanon lives in this mess that these so called Gods created? Education will eventually catch up with them. In the meantime the Gods are calling for killings to appease them.