Mashnouq Orders Removal of 'Mustafa Badreddine Street' Signs

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq on Monday denied signing an order authorizing Ghobeiri's municipality to name a street after slain Hizbullah commander Mustafa Badreddine, who has been described by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon as the mastermind of the 2005 assassination of ex-PM Rafik Hariri.

In a statement, Mashnouq stressed that he “does not approve of this naming” and that he had refused to sign the authorization letter.

“His refusal to sign cannot be considered as a tacit approval of the decision, especially when the matter is related to a political dispute involving sectarian and security aspects and consequently posing a threat to public order,” the Interior Ministry added.

“Accordingly, the Interior Ministry will tomorrow send Ghobeiri's municipality a memo ordering the removal of the signs,” it said.

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Thumb s.o.s 17 September 2018, 21:08

What a weak man.... he can’t go himself in Ghobeiry to order the removal of the terrorist’s street signs.

In the mean time, just received a WhatsApp video of Shia style Ashoura being commemorated in Regent Street, London. For those who don’t know Regent Street, it’s like 5th Ave or Champs Elysées. The cancer is spreading !

Thumb ex-fpm 17 September 2018, 21:35


Soon all of Lebanon will be renamed whatever hezbollah and the shias want.

Thumb galaxy 17 September 2018, 21:42

That's OK.... the next time Dahiyeh is flattened it will be renamed Gold Meir Suburb.

Thumb s.o.s 17 September 2018, 21:50

2ool ya rab :)

Thumb justice 17 September 2018, 21:59

If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor like 'patriotic', I would let the 'patriotic' traitor have it.

Thumb janoubi 17 September 2018, 22:06

the irani says : "the Martyr Hariri was close to Hezbollah"

is that why hezbollah on the day of Hariri's assassination was distributing arabic sweets at roadblocks in the south and in dahieh?

Thumb justin 17 September 2018, 22:21

southern, are nassrallah and your hezbollah going to avenge Hariri's death and retaliate against Israel? I know that nassrallah said he will avenge Baddredine's death at some time but I don't recall him ever saying he will avenge Hariri's death. Considering that 'Martyr Hariri was close to Hezbollah' as you mentioned, do you know of any reason why this will not be the case?

Thumb justin 17 September 2018, 22:45

southern, do atheists say " God bless"?

Thumb ashtah 17 September 2018, 22:48


Thumb warrior 18 September 2018, 04:15


southern is an 'atheist' but when he logs in as patriotic he becomes a devout shia twelver.

Thumb s.o.s 17 September 2018, 22:49

Defeated? How come both Saudis and Israelis are still standing and expanding their territory?

Thumb skeletor 17 September 2018, 22:55

I bless Hajj Mustafa Badreddine on a daily basis

Thumb doodle-dude 17 September 2018, 23:39

lol @Scumtiotic

Missing keserwaniaseel 18 September 2018, 00:14

مصطفى عميل ومجرم ونجس

Missing keserwaniaseel 18 September 2018, 00:17

Yes hence why bibi bombs iranian, hizbullah and syrian targets every other day without any repercussions.

Thumb thepatriot 18 September 2018, 01:19

Badreddine is:
An Assassin
A Murderer
A Terrorist
A Hezbollah Operative
A Thug
A Dead Thug
And If I could... I would go take a huge Dump on his place of rest!

Thumb s.o.s 18 September 2018, 11:01

Terrorist all the way!

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 September 2018, 03:53

Did you ever wonder why Kizballahs heros are all dead ya batatriotic? like your Gods they are helpless and in need of idiots to follow them...hence you exist.

Thumb liberty 18 September 2018, 05:34

Mashnouq can do nothing. He and his party are responsible for the state of Lebanon's disintegration and total control by the iranian criminal militia.

Missing ysurais 18 September 2018, 14:05

mb is great when u kill and assassinate people and u can still laugh...