Rahi Lashes Out at Politicians from Canada


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi, currently in Halifax, Canada, criticized the political class in Lebanon saying “Lebanese officials do more harm than good," the National News Agency reported on Saturday.

Speaking to a number of the Lebanese community in Canada, Rahi praised the annual visits of the Lebanese to Lebanon.

"The annual visits of the Lebanese [residing abroad] have significant implications on the interior, which is a permanent attachment to the homeland and investment in it," he said.

Finally, the prelate deemed that the lack of the domestic opportunity pushes many young Lebanese to consider emigration.

Criticizing Lebanon's officials, Rahi was referring to their failure to agree on a new government.

PM-designate Saad Hariri was tasked with forming the government on May 24, but conflict between political parties over Cabinet shares and quotas have delayed his mission.

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Missing phillipo 22 September 2018, 16:00

From the headline it is not clear whether he is lashing out at Canadian Politicians or at Lebanese politicians whilst he is in Canada.
It is a well known fact in the Western world that high ranked personalities do not attack politicians in their own country whilst they are abroad.

Missing cimitero 22 September 2018, 17:25

It is a well known fact that this is not an official visit to Canada but a pastoral visit to the Lebanese commodity there, it's like he's visiting a town in Lebanon.

Thumb lebanonforever 22 September 2018, 17:59

Dear Your Holiness,
May God strengthen you and prolong your life...

Please don't be afraid to name "those" politicians...

If you confront the truth and call "them" out, the people will rise with God and our Lebanese Saints to protect you...

More than ever, the Lebanese people are need a "made in Lebanon" leader who is potentially untouchable...

Your Dear Holiness, that should be you!

Thumb s.o.s 22 September 2018, 21:08

He’s no holiness (you’re supposed to address him as “all holiness” btw) the Pope and other Patriarchs are. This guy isn’t even a real patriarch, Nasrallah Sfeir was the Patriarch of all Lebanese , even the Muslims.... Hayda ma bysiwa shi.

Thumb whyaskwhy 22 September 2018, 20:13

His holiness is busy counting funds at this moment

Thumb thepatriot 24 September 2018, 00:12

This guy is a disgrace! Bring back Patriarche Sfeir!