Aoun: Government Lineup is Imminent


President Michel Aoun affirmed on Thursday that the formation of Lebanon’s government has become imminent, telling reporters “it is just round the corner.”

In remarks he made at Baabda Palace while taking a stroll around the garden of the Presidential Palace, he delivered the good news to reporters saying: “The government is round the corner.”

Signs of a breakthrough regarding the formation process emerged on Wednesday, as the obstacles hampering the process started easing.

A major Christian representation six-month gridlock between the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement took a new "positive" turn.

PM-desigante Saad Hariri was tasked with forming a government on May 24, but his mission has been since delayed because of disagreements between political parties over shares and portfolios.

However, the obstacles seem to have started easing amid expectations that the formation process will come to fruition.

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