Hariri to Continue Govt. Formations Talks after ‘Setback’


The six-month stalled formation of the government saw “positive” signals on Friday that relapsed later during the day when President Michel Aoun insisted on naming the justice minister in the new government.

Reports have said the insistence of Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh on the public works portfolio and the failure to give the president an alternative to the justice portfolio have pushed Aoun to cling to justice and backpedal on the stance he voiced yesterday.

The discussions to tackle the latest “setback” in the government formation talks will continue until a solution is found, VDL (93.3) radio said on Saturday.

Quoting sources closely following up on the formation process, they said a specific date for an expected meeting between PM-designate Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun in Baabda has not been set yet.

Asked whether he would meet with Speaker Nabih Berri to discuss the issue, Hariri said: "Of course, today I will complete the meetings.”

Government formation talks have reportedly saw a “setback” on Friday because of conflict between the Lebanese Forces and President Michel Aoun over the justice ministry portfolio.

Whether the obstacle is going to be eased, Hariri has reportedly assured that every problem has a solution.

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Thumb beiruti 20 October 2018, 16:14

It is a disturbing display of open greed and corruption. These parties demand the various portfolios, not because they think they can serve the nation better, but to increase their personal power, or their party’s power by getting a portfolio that allows the most patronage appointments to public office, or they can extract the most bribes from people in need of government service from that particular ministry.
It’s a bidding war among the ziam, to aggrandize their zilem, their tribe.
Lebanon has real economic issues. The country is flooded with black market wealth derived from drugs and diamonds. Prostitution is rampant. The water is not fit to drink or the vegetables to eat. Raw sewage pours into the sea from Greater Beirut. Cancer is a huge problem as is the access of the people to health care, to say nothing of the 1.5 million refugees all over the country.
The countrupies need leaders, not beggars.

Thumb fizdoq 20 October 2018, 17:15

well said beiruti! God himself could not have summed up this slum we call home. disgusting. what a shame. i can't find any stronger words to amplify how disgusted i am... we all should be! i can't fathom how people watch in silence. like pets conditioned over the years to sit, stay and rollover. despicable.

Missing fuzzyd72 21 October 2018, 02:57

You know, Beruti, you have spoken well. You have not lowered yourself to pitting one political party against another. You simply state that our Lebanon is in trouble, a trouble that is rooted in greed and ego.

Your response shows that you truly love Lebanon.

Missing rabiosa 20 October 2018, 17:29

We are witnessing a truly Banana Republic. What used to be The Republic of Lebanon ceased to exit in 1975.

Thumb Southern...... 20 October 2018, 18:12

Pity the Nation!

Thumb Kompromat 20 October 2018, 22:45

What Nation?

Thumb libanaisresilient 20 October 2018, 20:56

I missed u @beiruti Kifak

Thumb libanaisresilient 20 October 2018, 21:07

The American Journal 'The New Yorker' reported this week that Hariri was slapped in the face by Saudis, according to an officer of American intelligence service present in KSA when Hariri was held hostage, Hariri was sat down in a chair while he was slapped him on the face... What a ridiculous scene! This is the PM of Lebanon! a Sissy that MBS slaps on the face

Thumb Kompromat 20 October 2018, 22:27

Al-Moukawama taught us that all American newspapers are controlled by our enemies the Jews and they lie about everything!! And the American intelligence services are controlled by the Zionist enemy and nothing they say can be trusted! Don't be ridiculous, read Al-Akhbar and Pravda!!

Thumb Kompromat 20 October 2018, 22:19

Did he fail to pay you again blablablablouba?? Next time demand the cash upfront!!