Grand Mufti Voices Support for Hariri

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Grand Mufti of the Republic Abdul Latif Deryan stressed support for Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and his continued endeavors for around six months now to form a new government, voicing optimism that a “near solution will be reached.”

“No matter how hard things get, the formation of the government needs patience until a new format is reached and an end for the new obstacle is set,” said Deryan in a televised address marking the Prophet Mohammed birthday.

He said the hurdle hampering the formation is “strictly political” and not linked to “Sunni representation” as some perceive, “all political parties must cooperate in order to solve it,” he said.

“We support Hariri who is struggling to form a homogeneous government capable of confronting all the obstacles,” said Deryan, pointing out “the formation of the government is a necessity and a national responsibility of all political forces.”

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Thumb s.o.s 19 November 2018, 16:47

It’s impossible to have an homogeneous gov, not when you share a table with terrorists paid by a foreign nation, enemy of the country.