Lebanon Sulked by Govt. Delay, Celebrates 75th Independence Anniversary

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanon commemorated on Thursday its 75th independence anniversary in downtown Beirut marking the liberation from the French Mandate, amid uncertainty about the formation of its government six months after the designation of the Premier.

President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, and Speaker Nabih Berri headed the officials that joined the celebrations marking the country’s independence.

Defense Minister Yaaqoub al-Sarraf, Army Commander General Joseph Aoun and a number of politicians and security figures attended the military parade which was held at Shafiq al-Wazzan Avenue in Downtown Beirut.

Aoun placed a wreath on the monument of the Unknown Soldier.

Lebanon celebrates its independence amid stalled efforts to form a new government because of disagreements over Cabinet shares and quotas.

Hariri was tasked to form a government in May 24, but his mission has since been delayed because of conflict over ministerial shares.

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Thumb s.o.s 22 November 2018, 10:49

What a joke of a commemoration, the so-called president is himself a vassal to Iran.

Thumb thepatriot 22 November 2018, 17:39

Please bring back the French!

Missing rabiosa 22 November 2018, 17:55

Bringing back the French might be the only possible solution. The country cannot function as is. Either partition or return of the French. Take your choice. We can keep our culture and traditions and what have you, but scrap all political parties of power, remove all government heads appoint a "French Governor". Then maybe we have 4 elected MPs who will serve int he french parliament just like some other French territories do right now. Everything else will be run by the french. Scrap the LL pound and use Euro, and become overseas French citizens.

Thumb s.o.s 22 November 2018, 19:36

You should visit Mayotte, Reunion, Guadeloupe, or Cayenne and see the ti3teer. Lebanon needs a strong leadership, not the French softies. An Ottoman boot on the neck of these thieves and terrorists would do the trick. Bring back the Sultan :)