UNIFIL to Send Team to Israel to 'Ascertain Facts' on Border 'Tunnels'


The U.N. peacekeeping mission in south Lebanon said Wednesday that it will send a team to Israel to "ascertain facts" after Israel said it started an operation to destroy alleged Hizbullah tunnels on the Lebanese border.

Calling for full access to all locations along the border, the mission, known as UNIFIL, said its regular weekly meeting with the Lebanese and Israeli armies discussed Israel's "activities" searching for suspected tunnels.

Earlier in the day, Speaker Nabih Berri, an ally of Hizbullah, said Israel offered no "coordinates or information" about the alleged tunnels.

An Israeli army spokesman has said the "attack tunnels" were not yet operational.

He declined to say how many had been detected or how they would be destroyed, but stressed all activities would take place within Israeli territory.

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