Wahhab Says 'Druze Hurdle' Back, Accuses Khawaja of 'Assassination' Bid


Ex-minister Wiam Wahhab on Wednesday announced that the so-called Druze obstacle “has returned,” nominating MP Talal Arslan for the “third Druze seat” and a “key ministerial portfolio.”

At a press conference, Wahhab linked his announcement to the Jahliyeh operation and to the support he received from Hizbullah, Arslan and other March 8 forces in the wake of the failed bid to arrest him.

“The equation has changed,” he said.

Wahhab also described the Internal Security Forces operation in Jahliyeh as an “assassination” attempt against him that was allegedly requested by the businessman Alaa al-Khawaja and “implemented” by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

“There is blood now on Hariri’s hands, he has become embroiled in corruption and he is no longer eligible for the premiership,” Wahhab added, referring to the death of his bodyguard Mohammed Bou Diab during the ISF raid.

“During my conversations with the March 8 forces who offered me condolences, I sensed that they were pressing for the designation of someone other than Saad Hariri but the issue is in Hizbullah’s hands,” the ex-minister added.

He also stressed that “there is no animosity with the Progressive Socialist Party but rather political rivalry.”

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Missing cimitero 05 December 2018, 23:23

the death of mohammed bou diab has the same m.o. as the death amal's official ali hassan hamza in 2008. they blamed the lebanese army then even though hamza was killed by someone from own camp with a caliber bullet that the army soldiers didn't have. what followed was a bunch of dahieh thugs attacking the soldiers who killed seven in self defense. they still manged to tarnish the image of a lebanese army fresh from it's huge victory in nahr el-bared a few month earlier. after that it became powerless to act as the escalations continued until it culminated with may 7. the reports show that the bullet that killed bou diab had a downward trajectory so he was shot from the higher grounds as the members of the isf were leaving and already on the lower grounds. the mayor of jahliyeh also confirmed that isf didn't fire their weapons. someone put wahhab is in charge of the escalation.

Missing cimitero 05 December 2018, 23:42

the druze representation has been agreed upon by aoun, jumblat and arslan was written in on the agreement. for it to be overturned aoun and jumblat need to agree. they won't. arslan is in the aouni block and also the block created for him by bassil and arslan knows what is given can be taken away. wahhab has no say in this whatsoever he's just the frog who thinks he's an ox.

Missing ysurais 06 December 2018, 14:52

wahhaboo in this pic u have hair on yur head ya man...lol