Report: Berri ‘Objects’ to Not Inviting Syria to Beirut Summit

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanon prepares for hosting the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit next month as it still struggles to form a new government, as Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri objected to not inviting Syria to the event, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday.

The daily said that political circles have recently raised the issue of preparations for the Beirut summit expected mid-next month, in light of aggravating conflict between the political parties over cabinet shares and quotas leaving the country “governmentless.”

A political source who spoke on condition of anonymity told the newspaper: “How would a summit be held in a country bankrupt at the financial and governmental levels?”

Meanwhile, Berri has objected to not inviting Syria and asked: “How come Lebanon did not invite Syria to attend the summit? I have reiterated at the Arab parliamentary meetings, that I do not accept meetings without Syria, I will not accept any other Arab meeting without Syria,” he stressed.

The Summit is expected to be held in Beirut on January 19-20.

According to media reports, “Hizbullah and some political forces allied with the Syrian regime embarked on pressuring Lebanon into inviting the Syrian regime.”

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and a number of political forces have reportedly rejected the matter, arguing that Lebanon must abide by the decisions of the Arab League which suspended Syria’s membership back in 2011 over its failure to end government crackdown on protests.

The Arab Economic and Social Development summits are summits of the Arab League, held at the head of state level to address issues of economic and social development among member-states.

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Thumb Southern...... 10 December 2018, 10:45

some political parties want to invite the Syrian govt which eradicated the global terrorist organization Daesh, which was a threat to Lebanon too while other parties incline by inviting MBS regime which helped in founding this terror organization.... These are the data, yours are the conclusions.....

Thumb thepatriot 10 December 2018, 11:19

These are not the data. This is the data:
- The Assad Regime is a totalitarian regime with 97.98% of votes. It forbid any other candidate, and emprisoned free thinkers and intellectuals.
- The Assad Regime empisoned, tortured, terrorised its citizen before, and during the war.
- The Assad Regime, stole from Lebanon.
- The Assad Regime, had Anjar, and many other torture cells in Lebanon for decades.
- The Assad Regime, ordered and perpetrated assassinations in Lebanon from father to son across decades.
- The Assad Regime considers Lebanon as a Syrian province.
- The Assad Regime has commited crimes against humanity.

The data is, any Lebanese person who supports this regime, is a traitor!


Thumb doodle-dude 10 December 2018, 14:10

used chemical weapons against its own people

Thumb Southern...... 10 December 2018, 14:14


the terrorists of ISIS your allies, sure

Thumb s.o.s 10 December 2018, 15:51

Syria is a vassal state to Russia. Might as well invite Putin the zookeeper rather than the giraffe.

Thumb thepatriot 11 December 2018, 14:57

Your filthy kind always brings up Zionists, MBS, ISIS or some other crap to justify Ebola or the Assad Regime atrocities... it is childish, stupid, narrow and simply pathetic!

Thumb roflmfao 10 December 2018, 15:37

not evwn Berri is convinced of what he's saying.. but he had to say it.. keeping up appearances and all that..

Thumb roflmfao 10 December 2018, 15:38