Consultative Gathering ‘Deplore’ Aoun’s Efforts, Express Adamant Positions for Representation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Pro-Hizbullah Consultative Gathering MPs stressed from Baabda on Monday that initiatives that fail to consider their demand for representation in the new government will “never see the light.”

“We appreciate President Michel Aoun’s efforts and have a deep understanding of the burdens affecting the country, but we will not accept not to be represented in the government,” MP Jihad Samad of the Gathering said after meeting Aoun in Baabda.

“An initiative that does not take our participation in the government into consideration will never see the light,” stressed the MP of the so-called Independent Sunni MPs.

However, the MP told reporters that he recited the Gathering’s statement and that any other remarks made by any of the six MPs reflects “individual positions.”

The statement comes after reports that a meeting was expected in Baabda between the MPs and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri that could pave the way for allocating a seat for a Sunni MP from outside the Gathering.

The MPs had met Aoun a few days ago and expressed adamant positions for representation.

Aoun has been holding consultations with the concerned parties for the past week in a bid to ease the “Sunni hurdle.” Reports claimed that Aoun might accept the allocation of a seat for said MPs from his own share.

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Thumb libanaisresilient 17 December 2018, 15:24

We've seen FPM trying to take advantage over the issue, as if their share was at stake here. If it's about Sunnis, let Sunnis deal with the issue by themselves.

Thumb galaxy 17 December 2018, 16:30

" If it's about Sunnis, let Sunnis deal with the issue by themselves."

and that is why your shia terrorist leader demanded the representation of these so called sunni MPs.

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 17 December 2018, 18:05

If and when these guys get their minister, the next step in the obstruction and delay will be Bassil getting on the line claiming that, now that al-Samad and Karami are in this new block, Frangieh's block is left with only three minister and no longer deserves a cabinet post.