Syrian Girl Confirmed Dead as Storm Causes Widespread Damage


A storm packing snow and rain that has battered Lebanon for five days has left an 8-year-old Syrian girl dead, flooded neighborhoods and paralyzed major mountain roads.

Residents in the Antelias area north of Beirut awoke Wednesday to find their cars immersed with water as rivers overflowed, inundating streets with muddy water.

In the northern town of Minyeh, the body of an 8-year Syrian girl who had been missing since Tuesday afternoon after she fell into a river was found the next morning in a nearby orchard.

In the village of Dahr al-Baydar, several bulldozers were working on opening the highway that links Beirut with the Bekaa and the Syrian capital Damascus which was covered with about one-meter of snow.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 09 January 2019, 17:32

Sad...poor thing

Thumb libanaisresilient 09 January 2019, 19:11

R.I.P. little girl, God has promised a new life under immensely better condition in his kingdom, for all of those in its memory. And unlike Politicians, God's word can never fail.

Thumb s.o.s 09 January 2019, 22:04

This little girl is only dead because hizbalewat is murdering Syrian families by the dozen every day in Syria forcing people to live in tents across the region. Let’s not even mention Daesh, bashar and maliki’s creation. So, please spare us your hypocrisy, the Shia cancer killed her not God.

Thumb whyaskwhy 09 January 2019, 22:28

I apreciate people have to have faith in something Libanres, however why does the maker have to kill the same people he placed on earth in the first place? Were talking about an 8 year old who has neither the faculties nor the ability to make good judgement on her well being here. God did not do this its man made. A bearded religious nut decides somewhere that he wants to liberate Syria from its arch enemy Israel by killing Syrians and turns them into refugees by the millions. Some die in the waters others by living in substandard conditions all driven by the will of the bearded nut. But maybe by God you meant the same bearded nut who is worshiped as a God in today's Lebanon?

Thumb chrisrushlau 10 January 2019, 17:50

Prince Mohammed bin Salman does not have a beard.

Thumb chrisrushlau 10 January 2019, 17:51

Oh, I'm sorry, yes he does.