Khreis Hits Back after Bassil Dismisses 'February 6' Threats

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil on Sunday criticized warnings issued by Speaker Nabih Berri and officials from his AMAL Movement over the issue of inviting Libya to Beirut’s upcoming Arab economic summit.

“A lot of parties want to target us, but we have to get stronger whenever the attack on us becomes fiercer,” Bassil told FPM cadres at the end of a closed-door seminar.

“In history, we only know the February 6 date when the Mar Mikhail agreement was signed (with Hizbullah). We do not know the ‘other February 6,’’ the FPM chief added, in an apparent jab at AMAL.

“We were not part of the first February 6 and we made the Feb. 6, 2006 agreement so that only unity and rapprochement prevail among the Lebanese. With President Michel Aoun, the only February 6 will be the February 6 of Mar Mikhail so that only accord prevails among the Lebanese,” Bassil added.

“The FPM was not in power when the barricades, debt and corruption started. The FPM has sought to remove barricades, deepen accord and fight corruption,” the FPM chief went on to say.

Berri has warned in recent days that the issue of inviting Libya to the economic summit is not a “joke.”

“Let no one mess with us. If some have hinted that we might stage a ‘political February 6’, we say that we will stage a political and non-political February 6,” he cautioned, in remarks published by al-Akhbar newspaper.

MP Hani Qobeissi of Berri’s AMAL Movement has also issued a similar warning.

AMAL and a number of political parties had launched what they dub the “February 6 Uprising” against President Amin Gemayel’s rule in 1984. The main goal of the military confrontation with pro-Gemayel Lebanese Army units in western Beirut and parts of Mount Lebanon was to force the reversal of a peace treaty signed with Israel following its invasion of the country.

MP Ali Khreis of Berri’s AMAL Movement meanwhile hit at Bassil on Sunday.

“The minister certainly does not know the Feb. 6, 1984 date because he does not belong to the school of resistance, the school of giving and sacrifices that was founded by Imam Moussa al-Sadr and maintained by Speaker Nabih Berri,” Khreis said.

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