Alain Aoun Says President Hasn't Changed His Stance on Hizbullah


MP Alain Aoun of the Strong Lebanon bloc stressed Tuesday that President Michel Aoun has not changed “his stance on Hizbullah,” describing reports claiming otherwise as “fictitious.”

“We've never severed our ties with the U.S. and we're not enemies of America,” MP Aoun told MTV when told that President Aoun and Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil had given a warm welcome to U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale when they met with him on Monday, saying Aoun and Bassil had met with Hale in their capacity as state officials.

Asked about Hizbullah's hostility towards the U.S., the lawmaker said “they are free.”

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Thumb thepatriot 15 January 2019, 21:37

You are too weak... Bassil will eat you alive!

Thumb s.o.s 15 January 2019, 22:00

One of the 10 Aoun mafioso.

Thumb thepatriot 16 January 2019, 10:36

I would not say that sos. He is better than the rest of them. And he hates Basil's guts. But he is very very weak...

Thumb s.o.s 16 January 2019, 15:55

Sure, he may not be the lion with a black mane, but he’s a diabolical lion. He’s part of criminal organization run by his cousin’s husband.


Thumb whyaskwhy 16 January 2019, 19:59

They would all be dead men walking if they stated they disagree with Kizballah all this is the usual smoking mirrors from Orange.