Aoun: Anti-Corruption Battle Has Begun and I'll Call Things by Name


President Michel Aoun on Tuesday announced the start of his tenure's “anti-corruption battle,” vowing to “call things by name” should the deterioration continue.

“Today we have started the anti-corruption battle. I was waiting for the post-parliamentary elections government to engage in this battle more effectively, but this should not prevent its start in light of the magnitude of the enormous corruption that we are witnessing,” Aoun said in Baabda in a meeting with a delegation from the Energy and Water Ministry.

The delegation was led by caretaker minister Cesar Abi Khalil and the directors general of the ministry and the Electricité du Liban and public water institutions.

“We have many difficulties ahead to overcome and I will call things by name, because it is unacceptable to continue in the same manner, seeing as people are counting on us and they are the ones who are suffering,” the President added.

“It doesn't matter when we begin the work but rather when we finish it, because speed is essential and necessary. We began working on the electricity plan in June 2010, and after eight years we are still suffering from a power deficiency,” Aoun went on to say.

“We have borne the blame for the delay and non-implementation despite political acknowledgment that we were prevented from implementing these plans,” he added.

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Thumb canadianleb 22 January 2019, 14:48

I guess you will start with your Son-in-law and go from there. Nothing more than lip service...

Thumb zahle_nights007 22 January 2019, 14:53

Take your time... What is the rush!!

Thumb s.o.s 22 January 2019, 15:05

Start with your own name then the 10 family members part of the Aoun Mafia. Your DNA is corrupt and needs reprogramming!

Thumb eagledawn 22 January 2019, 15:39

الله يحميه

A fearless man, a real leader.

Thumb ex-fpm 22 January 2019, 15:53

He talks about corruption as if it is happening in another country or on another planet. You wrote a book called "The Impossible vindication" accusing Al Mustaqbal of the worse corruption imaginable. Yet, you allied with them to bring you to power.

Is corruption being done by people other than you, your family members, your party, its allies, and your government officials?

I doubt anybody will take you seriously!

Thumb janoubi 22 January 2019, 18:13

yeah the people accused of corruption are not the same people he is forming the national consensus government with but the Libyans:)

Thumb justin 22 January 2019, 15:57

“It doesn't matter when we begin the work but rather when we finish it"

lol that says it all.

Thumb Puppet 22 January 2019, 16:08

I have the utmost respect and unequivocal admiration for general Aoun who is now president and Imam for announcing the start of his tenure's “anti-corruption battle,”.

Thumb roflmfao 22 January 2019, 16:56

Grandpah.. dude.. I'll get the ball rolling with this name.. Nicolas Tueni.. the alleged State Minister for Combating Corruption.. and FPM appointment..slogan.. "aims at enhancing transparency.. good governance".. seriously!!.. Over two years in the post.. he's not found a one.. his excuse.. "I did what I could".. HAHAHA.. That's what he said.. and with a straight face!.. That's just priceless.. A blind retarded tied up monkey.. would have done a better job... This is Lebanon folks!!... Here swindling is proudly called "شطارة".. A small weak child.. blindfolded.. throwing one dart.. into any crowd.. would hit at least 10 corrupt people in one shot.. yet el-Hajj Tueni.. the strong president's own minister.. could not find anyone.. but he did what he could..

Thumb doodle-dude 22 January 2019, 17:14

lol @'the strong president'

Thumb whyaskwhy 22 January 2019, 18:04

As usual its everyone else's fault but not mine is his answer. He must forget hes in charge I guess....

Thumb canadianleb 22 January 2019, 19:30

So everyone knows that all of the politicians are corrupt yet they vote them back in. One needs to ask why?

Thumb s.o.s 22 January 2019, 23:13

51% of lebanese boyoctted the elections (in reality much more but the Shia resorted to ballot box stuffings). the elected MPs are defarto illegitimate and illegal just like this puppet president.

Thumb Marc 22 January 2019, 19:54

I have been hearing this song (threat) from politicians for 60+ years: I will call them (or things) by name? If anyone knows and has details of a corrupt politician, it is your responsibility to divulge it now. No threaten to???

Thumb warrior 23 January 2019, 05:56

The 'Strong President' and his 'Strong Lebanon Bloc' have driven the country to bankruptcy.