Adwan: Stoking Street Tensions Leads to War, Aoun President Thanks to LF


Lebanese Forces bloc MP George Adwan noted Sunday that stoking sectarian tensions on the streets would only lead to “war,” as he stressed that “had it not been for the LF,” President Michel Aoun “would not have been elected.”

“MP Mohammed Raad’s apology over MP Nawwaf al-Moussawi’s remarks prevented attacks against each other’s icons,” Adwan said in an interview with MTV, stressing that “Bashir Gemayel is the founder and leader of the resistance we struggled in.”

“The LF part is insisting on creating a new approach among the political parties and stoking street tensions will only lead to war,” Adwan added.

Explaining the LF’s role in the mediation that led to Raad’s apology, the MP said “Moussawi called MP Eddie Abillama and acknowledged his mistake, requesting a solution to the issue.”

“Abillama relayed the issue to the LF’s leadership and MP Sethrida Geagea called Moussawi, who stressed keenness to resolve the matter,” Adwan said.

Raad apologized on Friday after Moussawi suggested that slain president-elect Bashir Gemayel reached the presidency “on the top of an Israeli tank” and that Aoun was elected “through the rifle of the resistance.”

The remarks drew a fiery response from MP Nadim Gemayel, Bashir’s son, and the LF and the Kataeb Party staged an angry street protest in the wake of the exchange of tirades.

“Had it not been for the LF, the President would not have been elected, and we’re keen on President Michel Aoun’s image the same as we are keen on martyr president Bashir Gemayel’s image and we reject the claim that Aoun was elected through the rifle of the resistance (Hizbullah),” Adwan added.

Separately, the MP said the LF “extends its hand to any political group that wants to fight corruption, even if it was a rival,” noting that there is no “veto” on Iran’s assistance of Lebanon.

“The state is bankrupt, tax evasion has reached the 3-billion mark and imposing taxes on the low-income class is out of the question. We will take part in the reform process together with everyone,” Adwan added.

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