Hasbani: Decisions Outside Government Consensus Don’t Represent the State


Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani on Wednesday stressed that decision-making or remarks outside the government's solidarity “do not represent the State’s” position.

"Any decision or speech outside the government’s consensus does not represent the sovereign decisions of the Lebanese state,” said Hasbani in an interview with VDL radio (93.3).

“The fear for ministerial solidarity is permanent in light of a national government structure gathering different political parties where each team has its own approach and views,” he added.

He stressed that the government's priority was mainly the state budget, which constitutes an input to many files — with electricity being an essential part of it.

“Work is underway in all ministries in terms of preparing files to be submitted to the Council of Ministers,” Hasbani added, demanding strict measures against arbitrary state employment which were still happening despite a law banning this option.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 20 February 2019, 19:01

If the PM cannot be man enough to enforce this then sorry Mr. Hasbani you are only providing lip service here...