UK Support to ISF Continues: Inauguration of Model Interview Rooms and Enhanced CCTV


British Ambassador to Lebanon Chris Rampling and the Director General of the Internal Security Forces Major General Imad Othman co-chaired the quarterly Strategic Project Management Committee (SPMC) at the ISF Academy in Aramoun on Friday.

After the meeting, Rampling and Othman launched Model Interview Rooms and enhanced CCTV capability at the Model Police Station at the ISF Academy.

“This new facility, delivered by the British Policing Support Program, enables improved training for police officers including on investigation of crimes through model interview rooms, and establishes methods and procedures that are compliant with international Human Rights principles,” the British embassy said in a statement.

At the SPMC, Rampling and Othman conducted a quarterly review of the British Policing Support Project (BPSP) now in its third year of implementation.

The Committee aims to ensure effective strategic governance and oversight of the UK funded project implementation.

After the meeting, Rampling said: “I am delighted to have today met with Major General Othman and his team to discuss the UK’s continued support to the Internal Security Forces. Our partnership with the ISF is a critical part of the UK’s support to the Lebanese state.”

“It was an honor therefore to launch the new Model Interview Rooms and enhanced CCTV capability here at the ISF Academy. This facility will provide training for police officers on various roles in police stations, including criminal investigations. We are supporting the ISF’s commitment to deliver training which places Human Rights standards and principles at its core in a controlled environment, with mentorship and support from highly qualified ISF trainers,” he added.

“I look forward to the UK partnership and cooperation with the ISF and Lebanon continuing to strengthen in the years ahead. We remain committed to our joint endeavors,” Rampling went on to say.

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Thumb s.o.s 15 March 2019, 18:54

the CCTV kings are the chinese with their IA software...