Hariri in Paris for Medical Tests


Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s media office said in a statement on Saturday that the Premier is in Paris for a regular health check-up.

The Premier will fly back to Lebanon as soon as the tests are complete, added the statement.

Before flying to Paris, Hariri participated in the Brussels III conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region.

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Thumb barrymore 16 March 2019, 13:18

There are no good hospitals in Lebanon?

Thumb s.o.s 16 March 2019, 14:46

Guess who’s paying for the doctors, hospital bills as well as the private jet?

*hint, not him!

Apparently there are no good doctors in Beirut just like Lebanon isn’t good enough for his wife and kids. The same can be said about his cousin ibn Bahia Ned and his wife and kids.

Thumb libanaisresilient 17 March 2019, 03:40

On point @s.o.s

Thumb libanaisresilient 17 March 2019, 03:39

Thanks @Barrymore I'd ask same question, No good clinics in Lebanon?? This PM is ridiculous! He can't understand that his attitudes hurt national interests. Why his family isn't living in Lebanon? Isn't Lebanese taxpayers paying his kids meals??? Why he must waste taxpayers cash in a foreign country? Advertising French doctors instead of Lebanese talents?? What a disgrace for Lebanon. No love for his motherland

Thumb galaxy 17 March 2019, 09:29

Wasn't he promoting Lebanon for medical tourism?