Pompeo Warns Turkey against Striking Syria


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Wednesday of "devastating" results if Turkey strikes Syria as he met in Washington with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

"Secretary Pompeo expressed support for ongoing negotiations regarding northeast Syria, while warning of the potentially devastating consequences of unilateral Turkish military action in the region," the State Department said in a statement after their talks.

Turkey has repeatedly threatened to hit the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces, who joined Western forces in battling the Islamic State group but which Ankara links to the separatist PKK movement at home.

Fears for the safety of the fighters has led the United States to delay President Donald Trump's decision to remove US troops from Syria.

Cavusoglu was visiting Washington as part of 70th anniversary celebrations for the NATO alliance.

Speaking at a forum earlier in the day, Cavusoglu said bluntly when asked if he thought the United States had a clear policy in Syria: "No, and this is the problem."

The State Department Pompeo pressed him about Turkey's plans to buy the S-400 missile defense system from Russia.

The United States on Monday suspended Turkey's participation in the F-35 fighter-jet program over the deal with Russia.

Pompeo also voiced concerns over Turkey's detention of US consulate employees and US citizen Serkan Golge, a joint national jailed on terror charges amid a sweeping national crackdown.

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Thumb canadianleb 04 April 2019, 16:04

So why is Israel allowed to strike Syria?

Thumb whyaskwhy 04 April 2019, 22:38

How time have changed lol During the 16th and 17th centuries, at the height of its power under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent the nations of the world would sent emissaries and their weight in Gold to Constantinople. Now the Turks have to send a slew of politicians to Washington to be told what they can eat and when the are allowed to do so. The hair dresser in the back of the pic does not look too happy but the Turk in the front seems to be happy as a Turkey eating crow! lol

Thumb whyaskwhy 04 April 2019, 22:39

The same reason for why is Iran allowed to kill Syrians Canleb?

Thumb s.o.s 04 April 2019, 18:38

The Kurds deserve their state and should get at the very least autonomy for their historical Rojava.