Hariri Meets UK Ambassador


Prime Minister Saad Hariri met with British ambassador to Lebanon Chris Rampling who welcomed the Premier’s strong commitment to tackling the government deficit, and the efforts to reform the electricity sector, the UK embassy said in a press release.

“I welcomed the Prime Minister’s strong commitment to tackling the government deficit through measures in the 2019 budget, as well as the political consensus over taking the necessary steps to reform the electricity sector,” said Rampling.

“As I told the Prime Minister, I and the rest of the international community now look forward to seeing the implementation of these plans. Lebanese and internationals are looking for these steps: while they are difficult, they are crucial in sending the positive signs that Lebanon needs,” he added.

The Ambassador stated: “The PM and I also discussed the latest regional situation, including relations with neighbours. I am sure we will continue discussing those urgent issues.”

Rampling also congratulated the Prime Minister on Dima Jamali’s electoral success in Tripoli, “I look forward to working with her. On my last visit to the city I saw evidence of the many projects the UK is supporting there, including the revitalisation of the Old City, Souks and Corniche, in education, conflict resolution and many other areas.

“I told the Prime Minister that the UK will continue to support projects to improve the lives of Lebanese citizens in Tripoli and throughout Lebanon, and that the UK was now working up ideas for further support to Tripoli and other towns outside Beirut. Improving Services, Education and the economic situation in Lebanon is crucial to the UK,” cocnluded the Ambassador.

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