Rahi: Authority Must Work Diligently to Solve Crisis


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Saturday urged Lebanese officials for serious efforts to counter an economic crisis to save Lebanon.

“The political authority must diligently work to face the crisis and implement reforms,” said Rahi during his Easter Sermon.

“The State is required to carry out its duties and support institutions that are of public interest. There is a need for political reform to stop the waste (of public money) and collect the state funds and control smuggling,” said Rahi.

In its bid to implement austerity measures, the Patriarch urged the government “to take from the rich instead of taking from (poor) citizens already suffering from financial burdens.”

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Thumb eagledawn 20 April 2019, 10:55

But didn't his Eminence say a few days ago: “things are turning for the better” in the country and that his talks with President Michel are very “reassuring.”

Thumb s.o.s 20 April 2019, 14:22

The “authority” he’s referring to rimes with illegitimacy and incompetency.