Arab League Pledges $100 Million to Palestinians, Rejects Trump's 'Deal'


The Arab League has pledged to pay $100 million a month to the Palestinian Authority to plug the gap left when Israel blocked tax transfers earlier in the year.

"We confirm that Arab countries will support the Palestinian state's budget... (to) resist the political and financial pressure it faces," the League said Sunday following a meeting in Cairo.

Israel collects taxes on behalf of the PA, but withheld $138 million in transfers in February over Palestinian payments to political prisoners jailed for attacks against Israelis.

The Arab League's move comes as the Trump administration prepares to unveil a much-touted "Deal of the Century" for peace between the Palestinians and Israel in the coming months.

The Palestinian leadership, which has boycotted Washington over a series of moves including recognising the bitterly disputed city of Jerusalem as capital of Israel, says it can no longer trust the United States as a broker.

The Arab League said the deal "will not succeed in achieving long-lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East".

The peace plan is being developed by Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, whose close ties to right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have heightened Palestinian suspicions.

Israel seized the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

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Missing arturo 22 April 2019, 16:49

It would be helpful if the AL listed the points in the US plan it disagrees with and makes proposals to fix it. It has failed to do either.

Missing keserwaniaseel 22 April 2019, 21:51

dear zionist,
Has the USA made public its plan so the Arab League could disagree with? are you the best bheem that the Mossad could come up with?

Missing 23 April 2019, 00:28

Let us be very clear. Israel is a racist state that has and continue to dissposess Palestinians because they are not of the "right" religion. There is also another problem that the Arab sides do not have alternative forms of governance that is any better!

Missing keserwaniaseel 23 April 2019, 01:28

this article has nothing to do with arabs not having alternative forms of governance that is any better. That is another issue that we have been dealing with for many years and will continue to do so for many more years.

Missing phillipo 22 April 2019, 17:27

The PA and the AL disagree with the US plan from A to Z without even seeing it. They both are not in the slightest bit interested in trying to reach a peaceful solution to the Israel - Palestine, Israel - Moslem States problems. All they are interested in is the extermination of Israel.

Missing keserwaniaseel 22 April 2019, 21:55

dear zionist,
which US plan would you like the PA and the AL to agree with since 1948? you want them to agree to the annexation of golan heights and jerusalem and the rest of palestine? Do you also post under the name of arturo? How many more reasonable peace plans do you expect the PA and AL and rest of Arabs to agree to while your zoinist state decline to accept?

Missing phillipo 22 April 2019, 23:31

A plan is usually put in place in order that the two sides can discuss it and reach an amicable solution.
however when one side rejects it even before it is published that what do you expect?
If you are going back in time please remember that on more than one occasion Arafat was offered the establishment of an independent Palestine State on more than 98% of the territory Israel occupied after it was attacked in the Six Day War, and he refused. Not everything is Israel's fault.
What most Arabs want is "pieces of Israel" not "Peace with Israel"

Missing keserwaniaseel 23 April 2019, 01:25

dear phillips,
you generally do not invade another country nor occupy someone else's land and then say lets talk about it, unless you are israel, russia or the united states. you speak of a plan, what was the oslo accord, not a plan? did israel uphold its terms? what happened to israel giving the golan heights back to syria during the clinton era? did assad kill rabin? please post me some links where arafat was offered an independent palestinian state on more than 98% of territory Israel occupied on more than one occasion.

Thumb whyaskwhy 23 April 2019, 15:26

You are right Keser, the Arabs should go on fighting Israel to the last breath. After all look what success and sharaf that has brought them. They lost Sinai (a few times), Palestine, a chunk of Jordan and Syria not to mention every single battle between and after. But lets be fair to the Arabs their cause is so good and full of justice that they have managed to kill maim or force migrate their people to the point where you have to ask yourself here who is the enemy? Again your logic makes great sense lets have the Arab Gods of war continue this very worthwhile campaign of war and pestilence on its people and in a minute part on Israel...that has really worked well. Zionist? really?

Thumb whyaskwhy 22 April 2019, 18:01

The Arabs learn nothing from their past. As Ali Einstein was credit to say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is madness. Instead of going after a peaceful settlement that will give the PA some level of authority and autonomy they instead reject all and sue for war. Now Israel supervises their income and tells them what they can have and what they cannot eat lol. The PA has been the worst thing to the Palestinian cause. I cannot recall one success they had as a result of using military action. Yet the geniuses keep trying that approach. One cannot blame them 100% since Russia and will others will encourage them periodically to revolt and here are a few weapons from the 50's to oppose the yids with...

Thumb s.o.s 23 April 2019, 14:23

Yesterday I heard that the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon could get the leb citizenship in order to create a demand on properties. probably wishful thinking!

Thumb whyaskwhy 23 April 2019, 15:29

Why not SOS after-all with this government everything is for sale, if a few hundred Syrians managed to buy the cheap citizenship why should not the same be applicable for the Palestinians or Iranians or even Paskistanis...if Jubran claims the price is right?