Nasrallah Says No New Israeli War on Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah denied remarks attributed to him and published in Kuwaiti al-Rai newspaper that Israel plans to wage war against Lebanon in the summer, and announced that his party is willing to assist in resolving the current economic crisis in the country.

“These reports are unfounded and wrong in timing and substance. I have never said, not even to myself, that Israel is planning to wage war on Lebanon, and I did not say that I might be killed during the process,” said Nasrallah in his Monday televised speech.

Ruling the possibility of an Israeli aggression, he described al-Rai’s report as “empty and baseless.” He denounced the timing saying it harms Lebanon which is looking forward to its summer tourism season as it grapples with an economic crisis.

Al-Rai claimed in its report that Nasrallah has warned Hizbullah officials of an Israeli war on Lebanon, fearing he could be killed.

On the economic crisis, Hizbullah leader urged political parties to cooperate together in order to find a way out of it.

“There is political consensus on the need for a solution, the problem will affect us all,” he said, pointing out that resolving the crisis needs “cooperation,” noting “the solution will not be easy.”

He said Hizbullah is “part of the state” and is willing to shoulder responsibility, “we are part of the state and people, and we are ready to bear responsibility. Approval of a state budget is only the beginning of financial and administrative reform. Discussions underway are our chances to stop corruption.”

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Thumb Ivanka 23 April 2019, 09:30

He denounced the timing saying it harms Lebanon which is looking forward to its summer tourism season as it grapples with an economic crisis.

In 2006, while I was in middle school I remember the same terrorist promising the Lebanese people a prosperous summer and then he started a war. Am I to believe him?

Thumb whyaskwhy 23 April 2019, 15:36

To his followers he is a living God on earth who speaks nothing but the holly truth. To the rest of the world he is the devils disciple who speaks of nothing short of death. To the Lebanese he is in effect the president of the nation who came to power by manipulating the few who were in power.

Thumb libanaisresilient 23 April 2019, 18:00

Let's hope that his party continues to "manipulate" others in power in order to implement this so called war against corruption... That's how some countries started the witches hunt, No loyalty among thieves! Once denounces against a certain party started wrongdoings committed by the others will be disclosed too. I can't wait to see Hizballah setting this government on fire!

Thumb natour 23 April 2019, 19:27

Why am I not surprised that a Syrian Brazilian want to see Lebanon and it's government on fire. He has nothing else to look forward to now that Bolsonaro is going after the deadbeats who benefited from years of Lula and Rousseff corruption.

Thumb doodle-dude 23 April 2019, 18:23

lol @ the shia western christian who is against corruption and terrorism and holds triple nationality.

Thumb galaxy 23 April 2019, 19:37

add to that the iranian stooge above supports hezbollah: the root cause of all corruption and source of all terrorism.

Thumb natour 23 April 2019, 19:36

"I have never said not even to myself"
But doesn't he say that Israel is preparing to attack Lebanon in almost every other speech? it's the only constant in most of his speeches since way back when he was still living above ground like humans.
Talking to oneself is a sign of a mental disorder probably brought on by years of living alone in a dark, damp, smelly, disease infested place.