Cabinet Sets Budget Session on Tuesday

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The Cabinet convened at the Presidential Palace in Baabda on Thursday and set a session on Tuesday solely to discuss the 2019 state budget.

After the convention, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil said in remarks to reporters that the Cabinet will convene in a session on forthcoming Tuesday to start discussing the state budget bill.

The Cabinet met Thursday under the chairmanship of President Michel Aoun to look into an agenda of 38 items.

Aoun called ministers to multiply their efforts to finalize the required projects.

"There are plenty of inaccurate and untrue claims about the content of the budget, especially regarding wages and retirement pensions," Khalil clarified.

It is to note that before the session, President Aoun held talks with Prime Minister Saad Hariri behind closed doors, over the underway contacts and efforts to speed up the endorsement of the state budget bill.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 25 April 2019, 15:52

Since they do not disclose what the premise is one can only conjure its for the usual private deals.... Your government in action.